Consensus is best way to fairer fares

We are used to hearing complaints about cuts to bus routes in one area, or the infrequency of services in another.

But up to now there has been no real attempt to join these issues together to create a sense of the overall dissatisfaction among many bus users in Leeds.

Fair Fares For All was formed earlier this year in response to ticket price changes by bus operator First.

Its work has been backed in an Early Day Motion tabled in the House of Commons by Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland.

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves, meanwhile, has written in support of a petition slamming the level of service in her constituency.

And the Leeds Student Bus Campaign is calling for better services in Headingley, Hyde Park and the rest of the city's university heartland.

There is no doubt each of these groups has a valid axe to grind, their complaints symptomatic of a bus system that is failing to deliver the service people want and expect in Britain's third largest city.

However, if the message is to be heard it is perhaps now the time to deliver it with one voice.

Metro should conduct an in-depth review of provision in the city as a whole in order to pin down its failings.

As with any fight, it's far easier to be picked off as individuals than when united behind a common cause.

If Metro takes the lead, the rest are sure to follow.

Feeling collars

THE idea of undercover dog wardens has more than a hint of farce about it.

You can imagine the jokes. Presumably they will follow up leads, while working hard to secure some collars.

But if the covert patrols by environment enforcement officers lead to a clampdown on inconsiderate dog owners, then the ends will more than justify the means.

Dog fouling is an unpleasant and expensive business, costing the city thousands of pounds to clean up.

So far four successive Sundays in Morley were targeted, with on-the-spot fines issued to those who failed to pick up after their pets.

We now await the results with interest.

If they show the experiment to have been a success, this approach should be mirrored in other city hotspots too.

Well done Simon

PARENTS talk of the terrible twos, the point where life tends to get rather tricky.

For Simon Grayson, things have never been better.

The Leeds United boss approaches his second anniversary at Elland Road with the Whites in fine fettle.

Leeds are unbeaten in their last eight games and currently sit fourth in the Championship - the highest position the club have been in for three-and-a-half years.

Let's hope in a year's time we're toasting Grayson's third anniversary with Leeds in the Premiership.

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