Brave Arthur deserves his pride of place

THE city's tribute to Leeds war hero Arthur Aaron deserves to be sited where it can be properly seen and admired.

This monument to courage was chosen by public vote – a symbol of the pride we share in the feats of a young man who served his country with such incredible bravery.

Yet in its present position on a roundabout at the bottom of Eastgate we only see it as we whizz past in a car or on a buses.

Inaccessible to pedestrians, we are unable to really appreciate the statue of the 21-year-old airman or inspect its inscription.

Little wonder then that there have been regular calls for the monument to be moved to a more fitting location.

Now those calls look to have been answered and – planning permission allowing – the statue is to sit outside the new City Museum overlooking Millennium Square.

There it will be seen by countless numbers of people who will be able to admire this work and learn of Arthur Aaron's remarkable bravery.

And this true hero will finally have the due prominence he so richly deserves.

Justice at last

THE family of Stephanie Hammill are exactly right when they describe her killer as "dangerous, sick and twisted".

Ioannis Revenikiotis robbed them of their beautiful daughter, leaving a hole in their lives they can never hope to fill.

This evil, dangerous man snatched away Stephanie's hopes and dreams, the magical chapters of a young life that were still to be written.

For her loved ones, the path to yesterday's sentencing has been a long and painful one.

Yet, thanks to the diligence of detectives, to their sheer relief her killer has finally been brought to justice.

Of course, there is nothing on this earth that can bring back their cherished Stephanie.

But at least they have the comfort of knowing the monster who robbed them of their little girl is at last where he belongs.

Clarion call

OUR campaign for a children's hospital in Leeds has clearly touched many hearts.

Over the last six months, more than 1,500 of you have pledged your support to this most worthy of causes.

Those who have taken the trouble to send in these coupons are representative of the hundreds of thousands of people across West Yorkshire who believe Leeds needs a children's hospital.

Now we will take this clarion call to Westminster – let us hope it is answered.