Another blow to drivers who deserve better

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Motorists have been made to feel they are an all too easy target for governments looking to fill their coffers.

Road tax seems to go up on an annual basis and has become ever more expensive in recent years.

Insurance is rarely cheap and the cost of an annual MOT must also be factored in.

Then there is the price of petrol, which has now reached a record average high of an eye-watering 1.20 a litre.

Quite simply, drivers are getting clobbered from all sides.

So to be told funding cuts mean money cannot be found for road repairs is frankly the final straw.

The government makes billions of pounds a year from people who pay through the nose for the privilege of driving a car.

Perhaps it wouldn't be quite so hard to take if public transport in this country wasn't in such a dismal state.

As it is, the government knows only too well that we have little option but to grumble, pay up and pray we miss the potholes.

Schools blunder

NOT so long ago parents, pupils and teachers were joining forces to fight to keep their primary schools open.

Most battles were lost, with Education Leeds citing falling birth rates to justify the closures.

Now those same bosses have unveiled plans to build new primary schools on existing high schools sites in order to cope with a shortage of places.

Education authorities aren't equipped with crystal balls that allow them to peer into the future.

But it still seems a waste of public money – in this case at least 15.8m – to rebuild schools that were closed relatively recently.

Could some of those schools that were shut have been granted a stay of execution to see if the surfeit of places was just a blip?

It would surely have been cheaper than having to replace them.

Cool runnings

IT'S a job just to make it to the shops in this icy weather.

So few would envy Karen Thrippleton as she braves the sub-zero temperatures to run 2,010 miles for charity.

She set herself the mission as a New Year's resolution – vowing to cover the distance to raise money for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

Since then the 46-year-old has pounded the streets in rain and shine, even the snow.

Her effort is made all the more incredible by the fact she had to have her appendix removed halfway through.

With just 100 miles to go, Karen is now nearing the finishing line.

We suggest she, more than most, has earned the right to put her feet up and enjoy a few mince pies over Christmas.

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