Aisha Iqbal

Aisha Iqbal

Aisha Iqbal: The phantom menace of vanishing Leeds buses

I had an odd and quite rare experience at Leeds Civic Hall this week, where I was confronted with a panel full of transport bods being all contrite and honest about the failings in Leeds’s bus network.

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Aisha Iqbal: Create a National Childcare Service and watch the gender pay gap evaporate

The publication of gender pay gap figures for all major companies is a real eye opener, and a welcome and necessary move in the journey towards genuine pay parity.

Leeds Local Elections 2015 at the Leeds First Direct Arena. Counting gets underway. 8th May 2015. Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe.

Aisha Iqbal: It’s time voting in elections - local and other - became mandatory

In less than six weeks, we’re all invited to a day out at the races again - the poll races that is.

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Aisha Iqbal: We’ve gone from ‘Paki bashing day’ to ‘punish a Muslim day’ - but there’s only one, correct, thoroughly British response to hate

Aisha Iqbal: We’ve gone from ‘Paki bashing day’ to ‘punish a Muslim day’ - but there’s only one, correct, thoroughly British response to hate

The first time I heard the phrase ‘Paki bashing day’ I was about 10 years old.

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Leeds's double Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams with a one-off first ever "boxer Barbie", which was  unveiled for International Women's Day. PHOTO: Mattel/PA Wire

Aisha Iqbal: If you object to a boxing black Barbie, then perhaps you’re suffering from white privilege

When I was about eight years old my daddy bought me a doll.

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Aisha Iqbal: When it comes to dealing with bad weather, we are becoming a nation of snowflakes

Aisha Iqbal: When it comes to dealing with bad weather, we are becoming a nation of snowflakes

‘Keep calm and carry on’ might be our unofficial national mantra, but it seems it only takes a blizzard or two to derail us, both literally and metaphorically.

Leeds Civic Hall main chamber

Aisha Iqbal: Leeds councillors who didn’t bother voting on budget are making a mockery of democracy

Another year, another budget rubber-stamped. And what have we learnt?

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STRAIGHT TALKERS:  These press officers from Pendle Council won a Plain English award. Could Leeds council learn from them?  PHOTO: Andrew Smith

Aisha Iqbal: Plain English politics? It’s not just gobbledegook!

I remember a few years back Leeds council launched a plain English drive to help reach out to ordinary Loiners better both in public meetings and documents. But we seem to be slipping back, at least that’s the impression I get sometimes.

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Aisha Iqbal: Is it time for Leeds to truly show towering ambition?

How much does a city’s success depend on the height of its buildings - and the shape of its skyline?

Jack Knight cartoon re 100th anniversary of women getting the Parliamentary vote.

Aisha Iqbal: Feminism is my favourite ‘f’ word

As ‘F’ words go, feminism is one of my favourites. But, when did it become a dirty word?

DANCE WITH DESTINY: Tom Holdsworth and Hannah Bateman of Northern Ballet at a Leeds2023 promotional event last year. PIC: Steve Riding

Aisha Iqbal: We’ll party like it’s 2023 ...with or without EU!

Act One ended with a real cliffhanger, the second act promises some further intrigue - so heaven only knows where the denouement will take us!

A boarded up shop.

Aisha Iqbal: Greed is the real cause of Leeds’s empty homes crisis

There’s a house and attached shop at the end of my street which has been empty for as long as I have lived there.


Aisha Iqbal: All I want for Christmas is a halal turkey

As I write this, I’m about to go and order my Christmas turkey from my local halal butcher.

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Aisha Iqbal: Will ‘Whitehall of the North’ bring Leeds some real gains - and not just London price tags?

Welcome news this week that the Government is shifting 6,000 civil service jobs to a new city centre development, in what a being billed as the biggest ever commercial property letting deal in Leeds’s history.


Aisha Iqbal: Anyone for a Yorkshire devolution referendum?

I learnt something fascinating this week about the nonsense of Government red tape and how it can impact on our everyday lives.

COMMON SENSE APPROACH?: Leeds City Council is trying some progressive ideas as it bids to provide for the Gypsy and Traveller communities, as it has to by law.

Aisha Iqbal: Is our attitude to traveller community the last taboo?

I have to admit I have never personally had a convoy of caravans suddenly pitch up in my back yard.

The YEP's Chris Burn test drove an electric car around Leeds earlier this year.' Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Aisha Iqbal: Is Leeds’s drive towards cleaner, greener cars more than just an electric dream?

This week, we saw three significant developments at local, national and international level which suggest the electric car changeover is gathering real momentum.

Boris Becker.

Aisha Iqbal: If Boris can smash away his debt woes, so can any of us

This week, this newspaper has been reporting on the increasing presence of loan sharks in some of our most vulnerable, deprived communities.

A vigil in memory of Michelle Kiss, who was killed in Monday's terror attack in Manchester. PHOTO: Kelvin Stuttard

Aisha Iqbal: Suffer all our children to be free of fear

I had an oddly emotional moment earlier in the week. I was on my way home, passing through Horsforth, and I stopped at a zebra crossing to let a little girl with a bike pass, as did another car on the opposite side of the road.

PRESS PACK: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, surrounded by photographers on the campaign trail in Pudsey.

Aisha Iqbal: When did simple reporters like me go from eyes and ears to public enemy?

Most of the time, I absolutely love my job as a regional political reporter, and I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. But this week, I had one of those rare moments of doubt.

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