Aasma Day: Time to wake up and smell the coffee

BY A NOSE: Fresh coffee is just one of many irresistable aromas.
BY A NOSE: Fresh coffee is just one of many irresistable aromas.
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I’m rather fond of my nose. Not my actual nose I might add –which I’ve never liked as it’s far too prominent for my face – but the things my nose can do.

I’m not talking about my journalistic ability to sniff out a good story or my innate nosiness, but the sense of smell.

The other day someone asked: “What’s your favourite sense?” and then added: “If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you least like to sacrifice?”

Not quite believing I was seriously considering such a question, I ended up plumping for sight as the sense I definitely didn’t want to lose.

But, truth be known, I’m pretty fond of all my senses and would be loathe to give up any of them. And the sense of scent is often an overlooked one, but it would really get up your nose if you suddenly couldn’t smell any more. However, some people don’t have a sense of smell at all, or have a very weak one.

When I first met Hubby and we were in our early dating days, I remember when he was still trying to impress, he was quite effusive with the compliments.

But after a while, I was struck by the fact that, although he often told me I looked nice, or that he liked my dress or my hair, he had never told me I smelled nice … something I had often been complimented on in the past.

In the end, my patience ran out and I wafted my wrist below his nose and demanded: “Do you like my new perfume?”

“Yes, it’s very nice.” he replied unconvincingly and suddenly realisation dawned. “You can’t smell can you?” I asked and he confessed he had always had a very faint sense of smell and could only sniff out really strong aromas.

Over the years, Hubby’s inability to smell has proved pretty useful – particularly since we’ve had children. When they were babies, he was able to deal with the particularly hideous nappies without gagging.

Not being able to smell also comes in handy when you come into contact with someone who has particularly bad BO.

However, despite all the foul smelling smells in the world, I wouldn’t want to give up being able to smell.

There are so many irresistible aromas – most of them food related – from freshly-baked bread to cakes cooking in the oven to fish and chips smothered in vinegar, a Sunday roast and just brewed coffee.

One of my vegetarian friends even confessed she loves the smell of bacon cooking, even though she’d never eat it. Certain smells can also evoke feelings of nostalgia. We all like our homes to smell nice – particularly when we’re expecting visitors to call round.

The other day, I was spraying fragranced room spray around our house and our son questioned: “Who’s coming round?”

“No one” I replied, confused.

“Well why are you spraying that then? You only spray it when someone’s coming here for dinner.” Rumbled.

Well that’s all for this week – I think I can smell burning from the oven ...