Aasma Day: Girls like to pack it all in when on holiday

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NOTHING worse than being told you need to lose a few kilos or face forking out a fine as punishment.

I’m not talking about a fat tax, but going over your weight allowance when packing your case for a holiday.

Let’s face it, we all take far more than we need when it comes to jetting off, and while I don’t want to sound sexist, it is usually us women who stuff as much as possible into our cases before sitting on them to ram the zip shut.

I’m definitely guilty as charged in our household, and not only do I always leave my packing until the last minute, I then suffer from that panic where I throw in everything “just in case” rather than risk leaving some essential behind.

Hubby always despairs at my packing skills – or lack of – as he’s usually the one left to lug my swollen case in and out of the car.

And at check-in, when my suitcase is placed on the scales, we wait with bated breath to see if it will result in excess baggage charges.

Practical and pragmatic Hubby cannot understand why I just don’t mentally go through the number of days and plan what I’ll want to wear during the day followed by what I will wear at night.

The silly man also thinks one pair of shoes will suffice for a fortnight. And even then, his first choice would be a pair of trainers.When it comes to dresses, Hubby believes seven is ample for two weeks – and that you can simply wear them all twice each.

Where is the fun in that? What about the spontaneity, the potential for impulsiveness – and more importantly, the freedom to choose?

Not only that, but you need to have an outfit in mind for every possible scenario and weather conditions.

During our dating days, Keith took me away for our first weekend break away together to mark me turning 21.

Shrouding the trip with mystery as he wanted it to be a surprise, all he would tell me was to pack enough casual clothes for three nights, one dress for a night out and some sensible footwear.

When he came to pick me up, he was somewhat taken aback to see me clutching not just a weekend bag, but two overflowing carrier bags too.

Peering inside one bag, he was baffled to find a full-sized iron and delving further, he was also confused to discover my interpretation of “sensible footwear” was platform boots with three-inch heels as opposed to four-inch ones.

Having never been to the Lake District before (our mystery destination), how was I supposed to know there was going to be a lot of walking involved? As time has passed, I have got better, but when I am faced with a suitcase, I continue to stuff in as much as I can “just in case.”

At the end of the holiday, Hubby always gets to say: “I told you so” as I am left with an abundance of clean stuff and around 70 per cent of my clothes come home unworn.