A word from the Editor: And it's goodbye from me . . .

Bowing out: Yorkshire Evening Post editor Hannah Thaxter
Bowing out: Yorkshire Evening Post editor Hannah Thaxter
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This will be my final column as editor of the Yorkshire Evening Post.

This week I will leave the newsroom and the world of journalism for some new adventures.
I’ve spent just shy of 30 years of my life working as a journalist – from trainee reporter on the then daily Halifax Courier to the past two years or so as editor of the Yorkshire Evening Post – and I would not change it for the world.
This job has given me access to places I might never have been and people I may never have had the opportunity to meet. Journalism allows you to be a part of people’s lives and I’ve never taken that for granted – people are so generous with their time and often so welcoming in the most difficult of circumstances.
Along the way I know I’ve been able to make a difference to one or two people, projects or causes. But above all, the people I have had the good fortune to work with and meet in and outside the office are what have made this job so enjoyable.
Early in my career a young, and in my view rather arrogant, man dismissed my chosen profession saying: “What’s the point of local papers, who cares?”
He was wrong. Chronicling the extraordinary in people’s “ordinary” lives is extremely worthwhile. People do care, and local journalists are able to share those stories with more people than ever through not just the printed newspaper but online and via social media. The YEP has never had a bigger audience for its stories.
Whoever takes up this editorship next is very lucky indeed – they will have a vibrant city around them and a superb hard-working team at their back. I’m going out with a smile and a very satisfied heart onto the next phase of my life Thank you for your support.