10 things you said... Leeds City Council’s bonfire and firework events cancelled for 2021

Leeds City Council’s six annual bonfire and firework events have been cancelled for 2021.

Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 4:45 pm

Many of our readers took to social media saddened by the news.

Here are 10 of your thoughts about the announcement:

Lindsey Anne Crossfield: "All these events will end up becoming a thing of the past then places will start charging for events which means people struggling will miss out."

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PIC: Bruce Rollinson

Sara Gordon: "I don't personally like fireworks but I think it is disgusting that the council can let music festivals and events take place but not bonfires and firework displays!"

Gillian Long Whittaker: "Totally disagree with this!! Encourages more people to have their own get injured and set the garden alight putting more strain on the NHS and fire service."

Jackie Collins: "Good maybe now animals won't have to go through the distress and anxiety with fireworks."

Claire Louise Hobson: "Thought we were getting back to normal."

Adam Matthew: "No bother, we did our own for years anyway. Brings the community together."

Claire Wood: "No way! Another year ruined! Another excuse to make more cutbacks and use 'covid' as an excuse!"

Chris Fields: "This looks like a thinly veiled excuse to continue with cuts to attempt a balanced budget. Seems a little sad when all other events mentioned are going ahead."

Ian Courtaney-wyllie: "40 thousand in a football stadium week in week out but can have 25k stood outside to watch a few whiz bangs."

April Worthington: "Hang on, why? Havent we just gone back to stadiums & nightclubs opening? This is outside…."