Operation evidence used to take civil action to ban gang from Leeds housing estate

A deal captured on CCTV.
A deal captured on CCTV.
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Council lawyers were able to use evidence gathered during the operation against the gang members to ban them from the area where they created misery for residents.

As a result of the covert filming, police officers executed warrants at addresses linked to the group.

Arrests were made and drugs. cash and other evidence including 48 mobile phones were seized. Ten motorbikes, three cars and quad bike which had been used illegally were also seized.

Most of the vehicles were destroyed.

On the day of the operation, neighbourhood policing officers put up posters and gave out flyers to inform and reassure the local community in a bid to encourage people to come forward with information. Over the next few months a total of 21 suspects were arrested and given bail conditions which helped to manage their offending and help protect the community.

A comprehensive evidence package, including footage, forensics, phone analysis, social media and police interviews was put together.

Authorities then took a wider look at the subjects of the investigation to see what other opportunities existed to address their behaviour.

It was decided to begin civil proceedings to seek injunctions under the Housing Act that would place a range of conditions including exclusion zones.

The local housing office and Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team also issued tenancy warnings and are taking further enforcement action against others involved in the investigation.

In November last year, the evidence was used at Leeds County Court by Leeds City Council lawyers to successfully apply for injunctions against ten of those involved.

This effectively banned them from the area of their offending, which is bordered by York Road, Foundry Lane, South Parkway and Fearnville sports field, other than to visit specific relatives or medical appointments.

It also banned them from possessing controlled drugs or behaving anti-socially in the area.

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council’s executive board member with responsibility for Safer Leeds, said: “Anti-social behaviour is a real blight in our communities, and I hope the tremendous hard work, time and dedication which was undertaken as part of Operation Boypark to secure these convictions, send out a clear message of the steps we are willing to take in order to put a stop to it.”