Only way is pup for this Leeds United fan!

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every dog has its day - but for football-loving pup Wetherby, that’s every MATCH day!

The one-year-old trainee guide dog has became a familiar sight in the stands at Elland Road, complete with team scarf.

His puppy walker Linda Myatt, from Wortley, is a big football fan and has started taking Wetherby to the matches as part of his early training.

Wetherby is a yellow Labrador Retriever cross and has been placed with volunteer puppy walker Linda, who will play a vital role in his early socialisation and education. Wetherby is Linda’s sixth guide dog puppy. He was sponsored by and named after the Wetherby fundraising branch of Guide Dogs.

Linda explained: “Wetherby is following in the footsteps of all of the dogs I have puppy walked by coming with me to Leeds United matches.

“He sits in the stand with his supporter’s scarf on and takes in the game just the same as everyone else.

“It’s good for him to come along to something like this because when he is a fully trained guide dog he will have to be able to cope with many different experiences and situations depending on the owner that he gets.

“Hopefully it will be a Leeds United fan.”


She joked that Wetherby “obviously brings good luck to the team” as they won 2-1 against Hull City when he last watched them.

Guide dog puppies start their early training at about six weeks old, staying with the puppy walker and their family until they are around 12-14 months. After that they move on to ’school’ to begin their specialised training.

If you would like to volunteer either to puppy walk or to fundraise for the charity for the blind and partially sighted, contact guide dogs at or call 0118 983 5555.

They will also be able to tell you if there are puppy walking roles available near you.