One in six UK adults admit they ‘couldn’t live without’ Facebook

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A new study has revealed that one in six adults ‘couldn’t live without Facebook’.

The study, carried out by Carphone Warehouse, found that 22% check Facebook instantly after waking up while nearly half of UK adults reach for their smartphone and check their applications within fifteen minutes of the alarm going off.

Out of the 1000 adults who took part in the study, it concluded that men were nearly three times as likely to use a betting or gambling app while women were twice as likely to download dieting apps.

The study also shows the apps Brits are most embarassed about, including Tinder, period trackers and even Pokémon Go!

Brits aged between 18-24 were the most happy with having over 30 apps installed in comparison to the rest of the nation, who averaged at having 20 apps downloaded on their phone.

Unsurprisingly, the younger adults aged between 18-24 revealed their smartphones were used mostly for social media, followed by entertainment purposes. However, those aged 45+, use their smartphones more commonly to check the news and weather.

Speaking about the study, an expert at Carphone Warehouse, said: “The proliferation of apps has completely transformed our relationships with our phones and this research demonstrates how we are happy to rely on apps to help us manage so much of our personal lives.”