One Direction fan sleeps all the way through gig she waited a year to see

She’s normally Up All Night. But little Lacey Yorston – who has a mystery sleep condition – nodded off just as her idols One Direction took to the stage at Newcastle Arena on Sunday night.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th October 2015, 1:46 pm
Lacey Yorston fell asleep during the One Direction concert at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena.
Lacey Yorston fell asleep during the One Direction concert at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena.

The seven-year-old had waited more than a year to see the chart toppers, but after snoozing for 15 hours straight, she now has no Midnight Memories of the gig.

Lacey’s mum, Ashley Yorston from Harton, South Shields, said: “I am totally gutted for her, she got the tickets for her sixth birthday the year before and she’d been so looking forward to it.

“But she was just too tired to stay awake. Every few weeks she’s going into these massive sleeps and nothing wakes her – even the music didn’t when the concert started.

Lacey Yorston was still asleep on her way home afterwards.

“People were looking and must have thought ‘what on earth’s going on’. I was hoping she’d wake up at some point but she didn’t, she missed it all and didn’t even wake up in the taxi on the way home.”

Since May Lacey has had trouble sleeping. She’s awake most nights during the early hours, and doesn’t fall into a deep sleep until 5am.

This means it’s a struggle for her to get up in the mornings and attend Harton Primary School.

Lacey is under the care of doctors at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary and tomorrow she will be attending the hospital for a sleep study.

Lacey Yorston asleep at the One Direction concert.

Mrs Yorston, 29, who is married to Greg, said: “They think she might have a type of sleep apnoea and this is being caused by lack of oxygen.

“If that’s the case then she’ll have to wear an oxygen mask to bed.

“But we’re hoping to find out more after the sleep study. It’s so hard for her, some nights she’s hardly getting any sleep. She’ll finally nod off at 5am and then it’s time to get up for school, and she’s shattered.

“Last week, I had to take my youngest son out of his pram and put Lacey in it just to get her there, as she loves school.”

Lacey Yorston was over the moon after we arranged tickets for One Directions second Newcastle gig after she slept through the first one.

When Lacey woke up at about 10am yesterday morning, her mum had to break the bad news that she’d missed the entire concert.

Mrs Yorston added: “She still had her little face painted from the night before, and all she said was ‘I fell asleep didn’t I?’

“She was devastated, she loves Niall and was dying to see him on stage.”

However, little Lacey will be able to see the concert all Over Again - thanks to the Gazette.

We fixed it for her and her mum to see One Direction during their final concert at Metro Radio Arena tonight.

Mum Ashley said: “Thank you so much, I now have a very, very, happy little girl.”