One born every minute as mum Dawn returns to our screens

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BEING filmed giving birth might not appeal to all mums-to-be.

But Dawn Stanislawski-Doyle enjoyed the experience so much, she is gearing up for her second delivery on camera in just over a year.

Last October Dawn and her husband Paul appeared in the Channel 4’s documentary One Born Every Minute welcoming their baby Laragh into the world.

Expecting a second child, they’ve agreed to be filmed again when programme-makers return to Leeds this autumn.

“I initially only signed up to get a DVD of the birth, but got a bit more than I bargained for,” Dawn said.

Dawn and Paul, from Oakwood, Leeds, agreed to take part after bumping into a member of the production team at an antenatal appointment.

The couple, who have three children between them, thought it was unlikely they would make it onto the programme but when complications set in, the birth at Leeds General Infirmary became very dramatic.

Dawn, 37, said: “Her head was delivered but her shoulders were stuck.

“They had to dislocate her shoulder to get her out.

“When she was born she was blue and not breathing.”

Laragh, who weighed 10lbs 5oz, was rushed to the neonatal unit where she made a full recovery.

Dawn and Paul, 48, were given a DVD of their birth footage, which is filmed using fixed cameras in delivery rooms.

“It gave me some of the moments I lost when she was born,” said Dawn, an assistant accounts manager for an insurance broker.

“They took her off to special care and I never had the first cuddle, I never saw her because they took her off and it was like therapy to go through it again.”

When the programme was shown in February, Dawn said: “We were stopped in the street and in the supermarket by random strangers”.

In April, Dawn found she was pregnant.

When One Born producers heard they asked her to be in the new series when she gives birth in November.

Producers are looking for mums-to-be due between now and November.

Call 020 70332258 or email

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