One-armed Leeds pilot honoured for services to disabled

HIGH-FLYING Steven Robinson - known to many as The One Arm Pilot - has been has awarded the British Empire Medal for services to people with disabilities.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 29th December 2017, 9:30 pm
Steven Robinson.
Steven Robinson.

Mr Robinson was named in the New Year Honours List to mark his achievements as an aviator, inventor and inspirational speaker.

Despite losing his arm in a motorcycle accident in 1982, Mr Robinson, 54, has made a huge impact on his community showing continual selflessness and determination.

Commenting on his latest achievement he said: “I’m flying high to be honoured for helping other disabled people to make the most of their lives and show them that anything is possible.

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“My story proves that, with the right equipment and attitude, every one of us can break through phantom barriers and follow our dreams.”

In 2015 he became a mentor to disabled pilot scholars at RAF Cranwell after learning to fly himself with a scholarship in the Flying Scholarship for Disabled People (FSDP).

To be able to operate the aircraft he required a prosthetic arm, which he decided to make himself from aluminium, after the NHS prosthetic proved unreliable.

Mr Robinson, of Scott Hall Road, Leeds, helps his students with their prosthetics in the same way.

For his outstanding contribution to the FSDP he was awarded with the Douglas Bader Memorial Trophy.

He is a motivational speaker and regularly organises events to meet and inspire others who may be in a similar position to himself.

From 2008 to 2012 he worked for the Refugee Council and taught English to hundreds of people.

In 2002 he was awarded with a first class honours degree at Leeds Metropolitan University for creating an innovative digital jukebox.

This invention increased competition and reduced pricing, which in turn gave rise to new business opportunities for music suppliers.

He also won the Yorkshire Inspirational Person of the Year in 2016.

His autobiography “No Arm In Trying” is due for release in 2018 and his TV show “Come Fly With Steve” is underway with celebrities signing up to be his guest co-pilot.