YEP First Aid For All: The caring couple on sidelines when city rocked

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Between them this husband and wife team have racked up nearly a century of service for St John Ambulance. Laura Bowyer reports.

Husband and wife Cliff and Yvette Chivers have spent more than 50 years saving lives.

The caring couple have collectively racked up nearly a century of service with first aid charity St John Ambulance.

Volunteers Cliff, 71, and Yvette, 68, are always on duty.

And fighter Yvette, who is recovering from breast cancer, hasn’t let two hip replacements stop her work.

They have been on the sidelines when Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Madonna played at Roundhay Park.

Yvette helped to administer CPR at a supermarket 
after a man collapsed and she cared for a woman who had a stroke at a concert at the Town Hall.

She said: “Cliff has been my rock.

“He’s seen me through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hip replacements and I love him to bits.

“We tend to do the quieter events nowadays.” Cliff, who 
was awarded a serving brother honour from the 
charity, said: “There is no retiring age and it all depends on your fitness.

“We don’t run.”

The couple, who met while they were St John Ambulance volunteers, were married in 2000 just a month after Yvette was diagnosed with breast cancer.

They are backing the YEP’s First Aid For All campaign to recruit 500 people to learn first aid skills in Leeds.

Yvette, who makes cards to support Breast Cancer Research, said: “First aid is an important skill and it should be taught in every school.

“Knowledge is a good thing.

“It’s being able to be there knowing what to do at any given time and knowing that you have done your best.”

Cliff added: “It is very important to learn and lots of accidents happen in the home.

“Everyone should learn the basics about how to save a life whether it is learning what to do when someone collapses or knowing what to do if someone is bleeding severely.

“You are always a first-
aider when you are out because sometimes we have helped 
when we haven’t even been on duty.

“Some things stick in your mind.

“I remember being at Headingley for the cricket and a boy came in and had pierced his arm on a railing.

“He was only about 10 and I remember him saying “I’m not going to die?”

“I did feel very sorry for him.”


The YEP and St John Ambulance are offering a discounted three-hour course that covers emergency life support procedures for adults, children and infants.

A series of special courses has been organised for YEP readers in Leeds at a discounted rate of £20.

To book a place on this course please ring 01924 262 726 and press option four and quote the discount code 20EFAAA.
Please mention the voucher below and take it with you to your course.

Courses are suitable for children aged 12 and over. If youngsters are under the age of 16 they must attend with an adult.


courses will be held on the following dates at the Shine Business Centre, Harehills Roads, in Leeds :

Fri, Nov 1, at 9.30am 
and 1pm

Tues, Nov 5, at 9.30am

Fri, Nov 8, at 9.30am.

Leeds Church Institute, New Market Street, Leeds:

Mon, Nov 4 at 10am

Mon, Nov 18, at noon

Mon, Nov 25, at 10am

Fri, Dec 6, at 10am

Mon, Dec 9, at 9.30am 
and 1pm.

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