Watch your speed - cardboard box ahead

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A DISGRUNTLED dad-of-two fed up with cars hurtling past his village home has created a fake speed camera to slow down motorists - made from a cardboard box.

Peter Richardson, 58, feared his twin six-year-olds James and Ruby could be killed by motorists who regularly speed past their country home at 70mph.

Residents living in picturesque Knockin, Shropshire, have also been campaigning for a speed camera to be erected on the 30mph limit B4396 for many years.

But following a number of near misses Peter decided to erect a home-made version outside his £265,000 property in a bid to slow down reckless drivers.

And he claims the dummy device - which is made from an empty microwave box which he painted yellow and a disused street light - is working as an effective deterrent.

Peter, who owns a pizza restaurant with his wife Lisa, 41, said: “Apparently, someone has to get killed before they put a speed camera up.

“Someone would die if we did not do this.

“There are other villagers who have been campaigning for ages. It is a 30mph road and people drive too quickly.

“The speed drivers travel through is crazy. I get people coming through at an alarming rate.

“I think people should respect we are a small village. Even some big lorries do 50 to 60mph. Cars go through here at 70mph at times.

“I am very good at gauging their speed.

“There are lots of families and old people in the village.

“They are very vulnerable. Just by the nature of being old, they take longer to cross the road.

“We have a lot of young children and a lot of older people live here.

“There have already been pets killed on the road and if we dont do something ourselves I worry that a child will be next.

“People in the village have told me they like the idea. It appears to be working already too as drivers do notice it and slow down.

“I intend now to make a firmer one out of wood. It should be more realistic and help drivers slow down.

“I’ve got a few thumbs up as people have driven past as well.”

Neighbours living in the quaint rural village have also praised the dads creativity.

Resident Ella Evans, 48, said: “It worked straightaway.

“The drivers seem to spot the box and slow down.

“We have such a lot of traffic going through Knockin, cars, lorries and, at this time of year, a lot of holiday traffic on the way up to the coast.”

Julie Stevenson, who works at the village shop and post office, said: “This is a busy main road and the traffic speeds through.

“I have certainly noticed the difference this week.”

But Warwickshire and West Mercia Safer Roads Partnership have criticised the idea and said they do not endorse the use of fake speed cameras.

A spokesperson said: “The Safer Roads Partnership does not endorse fake speed cameras and would encourage all of our communities to raise their concerns about speeding through the correct channels, such as through their local parish council or safer neighbourhood team, who will then bring the issue to our attention.

“All of our speed enforcement sites are carefully assessed against strict national Department for Transport criteria around suitability, traffic management and health and safety before being implemented.”

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said they were powerless to remove the camera as erecting it “was not an illegal act.”