Video - Young female rugby player backs contact in schools despite freak injury on the pitch which forced medics to AMPUTATE her leg

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Gracie Matthews, 24, suffered a knock during a routine tackle in a match against local rivals which dislocated her knee, severing the arteries close to the joint.

Doctors initially thought it could be fixed with an operation but were forced to remove her right leg above the knee ten days later when the muscle died.

Just seven weeks on, determined Gracie is refusing to let the injury get her down and is fighting to get fit with dreams of becoming a paralympic athlete. And despite her horrifying injury, she insists that rugby is a “great game” for youngsters and tackling should not be banned in schools. “My opinion on that is they expect boys to be going through school with no tackling then the day they turn 18 they’ll go and play senior rugby and get tackled by a 35-year-old man,” she said.