Video - Two love-struck pensioners are finally planning to tie the knot - 50 YEARS after they first got engaged

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Barrie Edwards, 72, met Carole Rhead, 69, in 1962 and the pair fell in love after writing secret love letters to each other.

They got engaged two years later in 1964 when Barrie was 20 and Carole was 18 and planned to spend the rest of their lives together. But they were forced to split up when their parents banned them from seeing each other after finding romantic notes. They went their separate ways and Barrie later married Pauline for 24 years while Carole was married to Frank for 22 years. But after the pair both lost their spouses, they were stunned when they spotted each other across the dancefloor at a school reunion in 2002 Barrie then wrote his number on the box of a TV that Carol won in a raffle and the pair quickly rekindled their romance five decades on.