Video - Tiny puppy had a miracle escape after he survived being put in a tumble dryer on the highest setting - for 30 MINUTES

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Penny the Boston Terrier was innocently popped in the machine by toddler Sienna Edwards, two, who unknowingly shut the door.

Her mum Christine, 31, had no idea the three-month-old pup was inside and eldest Megan, 14, turned on the dryer which was filled with damp clothes. But half an hour later the mum-of-three was horrified when she realised tiny Penny was missing. She hauled open the tumble dryer door and found the baking hot dog amongst the sheets, and rushed him up to the bath where she held the limp pup under the cold tap. Panicked Christine bundled her into the car and drove straight to the vets where experts hooked him up to a drip and told the devastated mum to prepare for the worst. But miraculously the pooch escaped with just a burnt tummy, mouth and eye, and after a two-day stay at the vets was back to her normal happy self.


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