Video: Three hooded burglars creep around a house at the dead of night - while the oblivious occupants sleep

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Chilling footage shows two of the intruders tiptoeing cautiously down the hallway to the living room while a third keeps watch at the front door.

Another security camera rigged up by the homeowner then shows the pair pacing the living room as they trawl for items to steal at 3am.

After a good look around the burglars tread carefully back to the hallway with their arms laden with stolen items and hand their haul to the third man.

Leeds Industrial Museum in Armley will be brimming with excitement on August 1 when, for the first time ever, the historic site plays host to none other than the Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Championships, the brainchild of Yorkshire-based poet Glyn Watkins. picture Tony Johnson.

Hold on to your hats - hat throwing champs comes to Leeds