Video: This terrifying fairground for the fearless features a rusty Ferris wheel and pirate ship - powered entirely by HUMANS

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Bare-footed workers scamper across the rickety metal structures using their body weight to send them spinning round as terrified visitors hold on.

The 50ft high Ferris wheel holds 56 people in 14 cars - without any seat belts - while the 33ft high pirate ship can cram two dozen people inside.Shocked holidaymaker Mandy Brander (corr), 29, rode the Ferris wheel after stumbling across the bizarre ‘zero health and safety’ budget attraction in Mon State, southern Myanmar.Mandy said: ‘At first I was flabbergasted, later terrified. Unlike other human powered Ferris wheels we had seen, this wheel was bigger and higher than any we saw before. ‘I was already gobsmacked just looking at the moving wheel from a distance. You should have seen the metal of that thing and how it was welded from up close. You would have been as frightened as we were. Sitting in the wobbly cage, we were sweating like crazy.