Video: This hilarious video shows woodland creatures bouncing on a garden trampoline at night

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The wild stoats, or short-tailed weasels, were caught on camera playfully bouncing around in the middle of the night.

Artist Robert Fuller, 44, captured the wildlife activity on CCTV cameras placed in his garden and the stoats can be seen playing on a trampoline and cabbage netting stretched over a vegetable patch. The footage has now been compared to the John Lewis Christmas advert which features foxes, a badger, a squirrel and a hedgehog bouncing on a trampoline. The latest ad, which for many signals the start of the festive season, was a huge hit when it debuted on television last week. Robert said: “I’m not sure whether the makers of the John Lewis advert realise that this can actually happen. But of course it is very difficult to capture animals at play like this in reality. “One day I was going through the footage that had been collated overnight when I noticed one of the stoats bouncing on the trampoline.