Video - The UK’s only reindeer herd are bringing a taste of Lapland to the UK

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The reindeer may be bringing a taste of lapland but they haven’t brought the weather as Scotland is experiencing a milder winter than usual.

They have spent the last month entertaining children all over the country with hopes of meeting Santa Claus. When the reindeer aren’t busy touring, they spend their time at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre, near Aviemore, Highlands. The centre first opened in 1952 when Mikel Utsi and his wife, Dr Ethel Lindgren, founded the Reindeer Company and introduced the animals to the area. Since then, the centre has increased the size of the grazing land it owns and now has a herd of 150 reindeer. Lotti Papastavrou Brooks, 18, works at the centre as a reindeer herder and has been involved in the Christmas tour.