Video: Spot the Goole-ie in ‘haunted’ Asda

A still from the video Asda posted on YouTube
A still from the video Asda posted on YouTube
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THE staff of an Asda in Goole have turned their security cameras on what they claim to be ghostly goings-on in the aisles.

Just in time for Halloween, they have released “CCTV” of a white figure pushing a trolley through the store.

The Asda Goole Supermarket at Wesley Square has been open in the town for four years and is located on the site of a former coal yard.

A press release from the company reports that Asda staff have reported “strange goings-on after hours with stock and trolleys being moved without an explanation”.

Store manager John Humphreys said: “Colleagues have reported things, customers have as well - everybody knows about it and everyone has experienced part of it, but nobody can actually say what it is.”