Video: Seven-year-old girl bids to become first disabled astronaut in space after defying doctors who said she’d never walk or talk

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A young girl has pledged to become the first disabled astronaut in space after defying doctors who told her she'd never be able to walk or talk.

Jen Clare, seven, suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a disabling condition that restricts movement as vital signals are stopped after being sent from the brain. She was just one when her family were told she was destined for a life in a wheelchair, but following specialist surgery in the US, Jen has proved the experts wrong. She's now refusing to let anything hold her back and has set her sights out of this world. Mum Charlotte, 25, said: "Jen has been obsessed with Tim Peake ever since he went up - she asks to watch NasaTV every night.

Jen Clare

Jen Clare


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