Video - Schoolboy strongman who juggles IRON balls banned by council from appearing on TFI Friday - over health and safety fears

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A schoolboy strongman from a Moscow State Circus dynasty was set to perform on TFI Fridays but councilllors stopped him – because of a health and safety rule from 1933.

Daniel Teplitski, 11, is the fourth generation of circus performers and practices over ten hours every week at iron ball juggling under the specialist tutelage of his Russian dad, Oleg. But despite Daniel having two years of experience, and Oleg having spent almost thirty years as one of the world’s best “strong jugglers”, jobsworth councillors refused his licence. The hit Channel 4 show hosted by Chris Evans invited Daniel on in October to perform in their 30 second ‘Too good not to be on TV’ slot for talented newcomers. Excited Daniel set about designing a routine and putting in hours of practice – only for Birmingham City councilors to claim there was a “risk of death” under a 1933 healthy and safety act.