Video: RSPCA hoping to rehome a super cute boxer dog by Christmas

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A big-hearted dog is set to spend his first Christmas and birthday without a loving home.

Coco, a mastiff cross, was born on Christmas Day 2015. RSPCA staff looking after Coco say he would have been a “cute” puppy - but as he grew larger and larger his owners became unable to handle him. Male mastiffs can weigh more than 100 kilograms. Liz Wood, deputy manager at Coco’s RSPCA centre, said: “Coco is a mastiff cross coming up to one year old. “He was too much for the previous owners - he had probably been bought as a lovely little puppy but a big dog like that is very hard work. “They didn’t want him anymore and couldn’t cope with him. “He is a bit like a teenage boy and doesn’t really know what’s right to do. “We get so many big dogs like Coco. “They are very cute dogs as puppies but if you don’t get the direction in early on you just get a big, strong, whirling energy ball.” Liz added: “He is lovely - he has got the most beautiful face.” Staff in Chobham, Surrey, have been trying to discipline Coco - who had little training before he arrived to the centre in October. Liz said: “One of our staff members taught him agility to try to stimulate his mind and give him a bit of structure.