Video: Previously healthy dad-of-two, aged 53, who had never had day off now bed-bound from mystery illness which struck him down last summer

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A stylist who didn’t take a day off sick in 35 years is now bed-bound after being struck down by a mystery illness that leaves him temporarily paralysed from the neck down.

Ian Norris, 53, lived life to the full - playing squash, clay pigeon shooting and even riding 30ft water slides - but he’s now unable to even get himself up in the morning. He’s left doctors baffled with his symptoms, which have forced him to sell his beloved business to provide for his family after only being eligible for £73 a week in income support allowance. Dad-of-two Ian, from West Winch, Norfolk, said: “I am a shadow of my former self and my life has effectively been put on hold until I know what is wrong with me.


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