Video: OAPs forced to sit on coach for ten hours a day during disastrous tour of Scotland

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A retired couple who went on a sight-seeing tour of Scotland were left fuming when they were forced to sit on a coach - for more than TEN HOURS a day.

Derek and Julia Limbert paid £699 for the five-day trip which promised to take in “some of Britain’s most stunning natural scenery.” But instead of enjoying the famous landmarks, they were forced to endure a staggering 62 hours sat on a coach while it crawled around the Scottish Highlands. Tour firm Diamond Holidays claimed tourists would explore Oban, Mull, Iona and Skye, but the pensioners spent most of their holiday looking out the window. When they did finally arrive at their destinations, they had either missed their ferries to the islands or it was too late to see anything and they were forced to turn back.