Video: New £1 million Jaguar unveiled and it’s identical to Steve McQueen’s car from the 1950’s

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Jaguar has unveiled its newest sports car - the £1 million XKSS which is IDENTICAL to the famous model from the 1950s.

The XKSS was the road-going version of the D-Type racer, the hugely successful racing car which won Le Mans three years running in the 1950s Steve McQueen famously owned an XKSS but just 16 of the planned 25 were ever built with production halted after a fire ripped through Jaguar’s Browns Lane Factory in 1957. Now, 59 years later, the ‘lost’ nine XKSS models have been built - with the reborn sports car costing more than £1 MILLION. The reborn XKSS, which was originally dreamed up by Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons to be the world’s first supercar, was unveiled in Los Angeles this week. And despite the eye-watering price-tag, all of the cars have been sold.