Video: Neighbours from hell evicted after terrorising community for more than 20 years

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This shocking video reveals the squalid devastation left behind by a ‘family from hell’ who have finally been evicted after 20 years of terrorising their neighbours.

Vile Tanya Skeldon, 47, and her partner Shaun Trebilcock, 37, have been booted out of their riverside home after a long list of complaints against them. After they left staff from the housing association went in and were horrified to find the property had been completely wrecked. The walls were left with gaping holes, floorboards were ripped up, rubbish was strewn over the floor and graffiti was daubed on the walls. Repair work to the home in Saltash, Cornwall, is estimated at around £50,000 but a decision on whether it can be returned to a habitable state is yet to be made. Donna McEvoy, housing manager at Cornwall Housing, said she feared it might be beyond saving.