Video: Man builds world’s biggest Rubik’s cube - 5’1” sq, weighing 16stone - 20,000 times bigger than ordinary one in Suffolk garage

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The giant brainteaser is 5ft 1in square, weighs 16 stone and is 20,000 times the size of an ordinary cube.

Puzzle fan Tony Fisher built it in his garden shed using cardboard, plastic and expanding foam. He spent 46 days making the giant cube and says it can be played with despite its huge size. Tony, 50, of Ipswich, Suffolk said: “I was interested in the Rubik’s Cube in the 80s and I started making things to do with them. “I’ve also always been interested in world records so they both came together.” Tony, a former archaeologist, has been making different puzzles for years and is well known in the puzzle world with his own website and YouTube channel.