Video - Lucky dad who nearly died after being viciously slashed across face with a beer glass unsure if he can eat Christmas dinner with family

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Father-of-two Glynn Beale nearly bled to death after becoming innocently caught up in a bar fight that saw him slashed with a broken beer stein.

While lucky not to have died, Glynn, 26, said he will now be scarred for life and is unsure whether his tear duct - which was severed in the the attack - will ever work again. The window cleaner’s injury was so severe that his partner - Sheralea Calvert - fainted when she saw him for the first time and his eldest daughter Hollie is scared to come near him. Little did Glynn realise when he went out for a couple of late night drinks after watching the boxing on Saturday that he would end the night in hospital having emergency surgery to his ripped face.


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