Video: Ghosthunters capture proof of haunting after seeing ghost of a hooded monk at church in Clophill

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By Harvey Day Ghosthunters who set out to debunk sightings of phantoms were left reeling after capturing what looks like a “hooded monk ghost” at a church with a satanic past.

Dean Johnson, 48, was visiting an abandoned church that has been linked with “devil worship” at 2pm last Wednesday (February 10) after reading about it on paranormal websites. Dean, a part-time driver for Waitrose, said: “Apparently in the 1960s there were a number of satanic rituals at the church where people were digging up bones and arranging them in satanic patterns. “It also has a link with devil worship.” The paranormal enthusiast, who lives in Daventry, said: “We had been standing on the public road outside the church for 10 minutes and my partner Charlie was testing the camera on his phone.