Video: Footage emerges of ghost in Leeds restaurant

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Creepy footage has emerged of a ghost in a Leeds restaurant.

The ghoul was busted on its late night antics when restaurant owner Marcus Levin went over CCTV in the building’s entrance from the night before.

But the video soon sent the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as a strange ethereal light anomaly was shown shifting across the scene outside the former church, which was transformed into a nightclub before becoming Get Baked restaurant.

As well as the eerie shape, the restaurant owner found a creepy CROSS had also been carved on a door.

Marcus, 26, said: “It was like an orb of light moving across the screen. It really freaked me out.”

The 250-year-old building beside the main student campus in Leeds, is said to entomb the bodies of two priests who may have since been disturbed by the church’s renovation into a nightclub.

Marcus, who owns the Get Baked bar and eaterie, said: “We’ve got a big notice board outside. I came in on this particular morning and noticed someone had

messed around with the letters.

“I checked over the CCTV and it stopped at bang on 3am. As I was watching it I could see a really distinctive bit of light and thought ‘what’s that?’

“It’s like an orb of light coming from the side of the building, it stopswaiting and you can see a human being walk across.

“My first reaction was ‘what the hell’! I filmed it on my phone and my business

partner later put it on Facebook. It’s had about 30,000 hits since which is crazy.

“It did really creep me out, so I went outside for a cigarette and found a cross carved on the door. It was pretty terrifying, especially as it’s an old


“I was pretty sceptical before this, but I would definitely say I believe in ghosts a bit more now.”

Marcus, who has been running the business in the former St David’s Church since January this year, said a week before the spooky footage emerged at the end of

March he had seen a similar figure of light through his office window.

“I normally stay late to do the accounts in my office. One night I saw a glow of light outside. I moved closer to the window to see if it was a reflection

but it didn’t move, then eventually it just went away.

“I definitely think this is a creepy building and stuff is going on. It’s said that two priests are buried in the tomb here.

“You can imagine if that were you you would be unsettled about people partying, drinking and doing all sorts around you years later.

“Maybe if it is a ghost it’s one of those two priests.”

The restaurant, which is used as a student hang out, is now appealing to see if regulars are willing to partake in a seance.

Writing on their Facebook page, Get Baked wrote: “In light of recent ghostly developments, who’d genuinely be interested in coming down to a seance type event thing at The Joint?

“We’ll film it and get some proper ghost hunters involved with all the equipment and everything if there’s enough of you interested in taking part?”

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