Video - Female who battered a man over the head with her stiletto shoe

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A woman casually saunters into a takeaway to collect her stiletto heel - moments after hitting hit a man around the head with it NINE TIMES.

Holding one shoe in her hand, the brazen attacker walks barefoot to the counter and grabs the other as a worker mops up blood from the floor. Minutes earlier she had gone into the takeaway with a male friend and started arguing with another customer who was alone. The dark-haired female thug took off one of her her dark red high heels and battered the victim around the head in what police said was a ‘nasty’ attack. The young woman then walked out the Sizzlers takeaway in Bristol city centre, leaving the victim bleeding heavily from his head. But less than a minute later she was filmed wandering back inside to collect her purse and shoe from the counter. Police said the victim suffered serious injuries and was lucky they were not life-changing around 10.20pmlast Friday (29/11).