Video: Daredevils from around the world thrown off cliffs - in a HUMAN CATAPULT

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Daredevils from around the world flocked to an abandoned quarry known locally as the “pool of death” to be thrown off cliffs - in a HUMAN CATAPULT.

In some nail-biting video footage, the extreme sports enthusiasts can be seen hurtling through the air after being fired off the 15m high rocks. The adrenaline junkies are also plunging into waters 110m deep off highlines, rope swings, zorb footballs and giant water blobs. Hundreds of people from as far as Sweden and Holland turned out to the secret event, now in its second year, at Dorothea Quarry, North Wales on Sunday (Sep 11). The event happened despite the quarry claiming up to 25 lives since 1990. One attendee, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “This was the first time I have been to this event. “I didn’t hear about it, Dorothea Quarry is a place I often go in my spare time and I happened to stumble across the event and I got talking to people. “From my understanding, North Wales is the adventure capital of the UK and this type of event is something highly sort after. “It’s in quite a beautiful location, it’s quite excluded and you are not bothered by the local authorities.” However, not everything ran so smoothly on the day and a diver could have been killed after the human catapult failed to properly open during a first run.