Video: Customer given world’s longest receipt over 5m long for just £50 worth of fabrics

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A shopper buying fabric was stunned when she was handed this ludicrously long receipt - which was 15FT LONG.

Kerry Brown, 32, went to The Range to buy 30m worth of textiles for her upcoming wedding to fiance Mark Day. But bizarrely the £50,97 worth of fabric went through the till in individual 10cm increments - leaving Kerry with a whopping 5m long receipt. Mike posted a video of the mammoth slip on Instagram, saying: “Ouch. @therangeuk put through 30m of material in 10cm increments. Longest receipt ever. #long” And the couple even have TWO receipts - as the shop gave them an identical one to pick the material up with. When laid flat out, the receipts stretch the length of their front room.