Video - Britain’s biggest animal charity released its top ten most impressive rescues of last year - including sheep stuck on a sea cliff

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The RSPCA dealt with more than a MILLION calls in 2015 - which range from tragic incidents of neglect to the most hilarious tight-spot situations imaginable.

To top off one of their busiest years ever, the charity have rounded up its ten top rescues from the past year, including a fox had to be rescued after it was found with its head impressively caught between two wooden fence panels. The fox was hanging so still that RSPCA animal collection officer Bryan Moffitt thought it was dead. But after the fox was removed, the ginger-furred escape artist was found to be fine and was released the same day.


photo issued by the RSPCA who have been inundated with budgies after rescuing nearly 400 of the birds from just one home. PA

Want a budgie? RSPCA appeals for new owners after rescuing 400 birds from just one home