Video: Boffins create star wars tractor beam for less than £70

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A team of boffins have brought sci-fi dreams to life by creating the world’s cheapest tractor beam - out of spare parts worth less than £70.

The researchers have created the simplified tractor beam that really pulls objects towards it - just like in the beloved Star Wars films. But instead of needing a planet-sized wad of cash to be able to attract objects, the team from the University of Bristol have created their simplified tractor beam for less than the cost of all seven Star Wars films on Blu Ray. Tractor beams are mysterious rays that can grab and attract objects. The concept has been shown in science-fiction movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek and scientists have developed the theory using lasers. These boffins have created a working tractor beam that can move heavier objects made of different materials and that operates both in air or water without damaging the trapped objects.