Video - Benefits cheat caught pulling pints for customers behind a bar while running THREE pubs

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Scheming Elaine Gordon, 59, swindled the taxpayer out of £26,000 in hand-outs by saying she had trouble dressing and washing herself and could barely hold a glass.

But undercover fraud investigators filmed the landlady pulling beers from heavy cask ale pumps while serving punters at the Prince of Wales pub in Dudley, West Mids. She was also captured of camera lifting items into the boot of her car despite claiming she had crippling arthritis, Rynaud’s disease and varicose veins.


Leeds Industrial Museum in Armley will be brimming with excitement on August 1 when, for the first time ever, the historic site plays host to none other than the Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Championships, the brainchild of Yorkshire-based poet Glyn Watkins. picture Tony Johnson.

Hold on to your hats - hat throwing champs comes to Leeds