Video: Aspiring footballer born without a hand receives revolutionary new robotic limb

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An eight-year-old aspiring footballer who was born without a left hand is set to receive a state-of-the art robotic hand in the colours of his favourite football team.

William Joyner was born without a hand as a result of amniotic band syndrome - where the band wrapped itself round his hand reducing the bloodflow. This left Reading Football Club mad William, from Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, with only a palm on his left hand. But a state-of-the art robotic limb, designed by experts at the University of Bedfordshire, works in a way so that he can make it grip through arm movements. And on Tuesday William tried out the final version for the first time which was made by a 3D printer after trying various prototypes. His full-time mum Jo, 38, said: “The whole day was really good. We got there and they had the original hand and the new one.