Video: A woman who raised an orphaned baby crow says it won’t leave her side

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Vikkie Kenward, 29, adopted the little bird in May after it fell out of its nest and was lying abandoned by a roadside.

She called it Fagin - after the pickpocket in Oliver Twist - and hand-reared the new arrival, feeding it every 15 minutes and letting it nestle in the hood of her jumper. As it grew healthierand stronger she expected it to spread its wings and fly away. But three months on Fagin is refusing to leave her side and treats Vikkie, who runs an engraving business, as its mum. The clingy crow perches on her shoulder, tears up her letters and jumps in her van with her every time she goes for a spin - even to McDonald’s drive thru. It even hops around her kitchen when she cooks, perches on her dog, and sits on her head when she does her make-up.