Video: A family of fluffy ducklings have been rescued from a roof – of a borough council

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The mother duck had chosen the fifth floor of the inner city local authority to raise her 10 offspring prompting a rescue mission from staff.

Staff spent their lunch hour on Tuesday rounding up the hatchlings and giving them water to help them cope with the heat on the hottest day of the year. Jill Small, a council’s customer service adviser, said: “This morning we looked out and spotted that a duck had decided to start a family on the fifth-floor green roof of our offices. “We put out trays of water because of the heat and called in a volunteer from the Swan Sanctuary. He quickly helped us catch mother duck and nine of her ducklings.” One duckling resisted the authorities in Croydon, south London, and hid in the garden to avoid being rehomed but staff used the mother duck to coax the little one out.