The top 5 quirkiest cocktails in Leeds

Cocktails at The Alchemist.
Cocktails at The Alchemist.
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Fancy trying something a bit different? From chocolate and chilli to peanut butter and Scotch bonnets, here are five of the quirkiest cocktails in Leeds.

Sherbet Sipper, Manahatta

Lemon sherbet is shaken into a mix of gin, lemon juice and Limoncello, with your own lemon drop to finish it off.

Chocolate Soother, Roast and Conch

It’s not on the menu at Roast and Conch anymore but ask nicely and you’ll get melted chocolate and rum in a glass. Heaven.

Bubble Bath, The Alchemist

This gin-based concoction from The Alchemist has a magic ingredient in it that makes it continuously bubble. Give it a go!

Spiced Pineapple Martini, Bilbao Bar

From Bilbao Bar, it’s served with half a Scotch bonnet chilli and made with rum and pineapple, with a separate coconut cooler.

Bourbon and Butter, The Pit

The Pit in Leeds city centre has gone a bit nuts and serves up bourbon with peanut butter, chocolate and caramel liqueurs.