The Simpsons and The Archers helping homeowners to name houses

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Homeowners are turning to TV, radio and literature for ideas on naming their houses, new research has found.

A study by the Royal Mail showed that locations in BBC radio show The Archers were popular, with house names including Honeysuckle, after a farm, and Brookfield, where the Archer family lives.

Gables, from Anne of Green Gables, and Springfield, where TV’s The Simpsons live, were also in a list drawn up by the Royal Mail.

Steve Rooney, head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit, said: “It is clear that literature and popular TV and radio programmes have a huge influence on our lives, so much so that we want to live in the iconic locations that we have grown to love.”

The top 10 names were:

* Gables - farm in Anne of Green Gables.

* Springfield - town where the Simpsons live.

* Honeysuckle - Adam Macy and Ian Craig’s home in The Archers.

* Globe - retirement home in The Archers.

* Phoenix - name of the club in Phoenix Nights.

* Woodbine - Home of the Barford’s in The Archers.

* Brookfield - home of The Archer family.

* Evergreen - Street The Simpsons live on.

* Toad Hall - from Wind In The Willows.

* Acacia - road Bananaman lives on.