Quick-thinking relatives keep first aid in the family

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First aid is very much a family affair for Amanda Brocklehurst and her loved ones.

Mum Amanda knows only too well the importance of knowing how to cope in an emergency.

The 44-year-old was at home in Castleford making up beds when she cracked her head on the bed above as she stood up.

She nearly passed out and became very disoriented.

Her son Callum, 10, remained calm, asked her to sit down and talked to her before going to fetch his dad.

Amanda said: “He didn’t panic and knew what to do.

“The first aid training helped him handle the situation with confidence.”

Amanda, who is a volunteer for St John Ambulance, was herself saved by her father from choking and has had to save Callum from choking when he was young.

Amanda vividly remembers her choking incident – including the colour of the green sweet she was sucking.

She was in the car with her father and suddenly got the sweet stuck in her throat when she was just 10-years-old.

She said: “If my Dad hadn’t known what to do, I wouldn’t be here today. My airway became completely blocked.

“He slammed on the breaks, pulled over, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me to the front and gave me the back slaps.

“Thankfully the sweet came out.”

When her son was the same age, Callum started choking on some bacon. Amanda knew exactly what to do and she added: “Callum started choking and when you have the knowledge of first aid, the action comes automatically.

“I was surprised the bacon came out with back slaps but luckily it did.

“My Dad saved me from choking, I saved Callum and now he has the skills to do the same if he goes on to have children.

“If my dad hadn’t have known first aid when I choked I wouldn’t have been here to save my son when he choked.

“You can’t rely on someone else being about if and when something happens.”

The Yorkshire Evening Post has teamed up with St John Ambulance to teach basic first aid to 500 people in Leeds.

More than 430 readers have joined our lifesaving army and we are calling on even more to take part in a special discounted first aid course.

YEP editor Jeremy Clifford said: “We urge people to take advantage of our First Aid for All campaign - you never know when you might need it.”


The Yorkshire Evening Post has teamed up with national charity St John Ambulance to train an army of lifesavers in Leeds.

We are offering a discounted £20 course for readers to learn basic first aid skills.

To book ring 01924 262 726, choose option four and quote discount code 20EFAAA.

Courses will be at the Shine Business Centre, Harehills Road, on November 20 and 28.

Further courses will also be held at St John Ambulance, Gay Lane, in Otley, on November 19 and December 20.

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