Praise for Leeds first aid hero who saved a life

David Stones and his daughter Emily pictured with Peter Geldard.
David Stones and his daughter Emily pictured with Peter Geldard.
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A Leeds grandfather has thanked the quick-thinking hero who saved his life after he collapsed in the street.

Peter Geldard, 72, was on his way to his local newsagents in Bramley when he collapsed after suffering a heart attack.

David Stones and his daughter Emily,21, were walking to the same newsagents when they spotted Peter who had been put into the recovery position by two bystanders.

But the self-employed van driver realised that time was running out for the pensioner and administered lifesaving CPR.

David’s knowledge helped to keep the grandfather-of-five alive until paramedics arrived and doctors said without the vital intervention Peter would have died in the street.

David, 50, took part in a first aid course 20 years ago and said: “I saw that Peter was blue and not breathing and I couldn’t just do nothing.

“I put him on his back and gave him CPR until I managed to get a big breath out of him but then he stopped breathing again.

“I just carried on until the police and ambulance came. It was only five minutes but it just felt like two days to me.

“It was scary and I thought he wouldn’t make it to be honest.”

David decided to get in touch with police officers to find out if the stranger on the street had survived.

And the pair, who live just 500 yards from one another, enjoyed an emotional reunion.

Peter, who spent five days in a coma, said: “I just collapsed and died that day. How do you say thank you to a man who saved your life?

“When I met him it was really emotional for both us.

“David realised what he had done and he doesn’t want to be a hero but without a doubt he is my hero.

“I am just so grateful for what I have done.”

Peter and his wife Gillian, 67, took David and his wife out for a Chinese meal to say thank you.

The pair are supporting the Yorkshire Evening Post’s First Aid For All campaign.

We have teamed up with St John Ambulance to teach basic lifesaving skills to 500 people in Leeds.

Avid YEP reader David added: “I never thought I would have to use my first aid skills.

“It was a good job I had forgotten my papers that day.”

The Yorkshire Evening Post has teamed up with St John Ambulance to offer a special series of discounted first aid courses as part of our First Aid For All campaign.

Our special discounted courses, which cost just £20, will be held at:

* Shine Business Centre, Harehills Road, on Friday May 2,from 10am.

* Friday May 16, from 9.30am.

* Wednesday, May 21, at 1pm

* Tuesday, June 3, at 9.30am

* Thursday, June 12, at 1pm.

* Friday , June 27, at 10am.

* To book a place on one of the courses contact 01924 262 726 and press option four and quote discount code 20EFAAA.

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