New Leeds burger bar’s ‘misogynistic’ loos

Fries with your misogyny
Fries with your misogyny
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A new burger bar in Leeds has been forced to hasily redecorate after a backlash over its ‘misogynistic’ designs in the ladies’ loos.

Up and coming burger and booze joint Almost Famous opened last month on Great George Street - its fourth site alongside successful outlets in Manchester and Liverpool.

The offending wall.

The offending wall.

But this week staff at the 170-cover bar had to repaint the women’s toilets after an outcry over questions printed on the walls including: “Why can’t I be thinner?”, “I need a nose job” and “Does my tan look streaky?”.

Food writer Helen Graves brought the designs to the public’s attention after a friend posted her picture, leading to a blog with the headline: “Fries with your misogyny, madam?” on her website,

She wrote: “Your eyes do not deceive you. It’s a list of women’s potential insecurities, written on a toilet wall. What could motivate someone to do this?”

She added: “What about the people who are affected and as a result feel awful about themselves and whichever part of their body Almost Famous has reminded them they’re not satisfied with?”

Staff repaint the walls and tweet this photo @almostfamousLDS

Staff repaint the walls and tweet this photo @almostfamousLDS

The food writer also accused the chain of having an “anti-female” menu, with likes of ‘b*tch juice’ among the choices.

But ‘sl*t sauce’, which she also refers to, has not featured on the burger chain’s menu, since its original pop restaurant.

Almost Famous tweeted an image of a staff member repainting the the toilets and published an apology on its website.

It reads: “The designs in our female toilets have caused upset and we are sorry. Almost Famous is a young company, we take risks, but we got this one wrong. We want to stress our intentions weren’t to offend. The designs were created by a female employee to voice her own and other women’s insecurities. We accept we didn’t communicate this properly. The designs are currently being removed from all of our restaurants.”

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