LISTEN: Eerie go! Creative children’s scary stories

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Terrifically terrifying tales have been sent into the Yorkshire Evening Post in their hundreds in response to our Halloween-themed scary story competition.

We asked children to come up with an exciting end to the following story - and have been overwhelmed by the hugely creative response! Thanks to everyone who has taken part, we will announce the winner of the competition in the paper on Friday October 31.



Here is a recording of some of the brilliant stories we have received so far and more stories have been replicated below. Keep an eye on this page as we will add more throughout the week.

Please note, due to the sheer volume of stories received we have taken the decision to reproduce the stories without editing for spelling and grammar.

The story begins...

An eerie calm filled the air on a cold, dark night in Leeds – it was Halloween.

The deserted street was dimly lit from the flickering streetlights above, the thin evening mist making it hard to see much more than a few yards ahead, leaving the squelching echo of Sam’s footsteps on the harsh, rain-sodden tarmac below the only sound for company.

The temperature is falling, the chill of the October night is pinching at Sam’s skin as his warm breaths instantly freeze and blend into the misty atmosphere.

Suddenly he hears a noise in the distance. His ears strain and eyes widen as he senses it slowly coming closer, and closer. Sam holds his breath, stops and turns to find…

Zeinab Alaraji, 13, West Park

...a burly man wearing a big black bland coat with a historical hat covering his head and face. Sam screamed dreadfully ‘who are you?’. The man lifted his hand; an axe moved towards Sam. Sam started running. Shouting for help, Sam ran into the woods. The wind howled and blew a bitter chill past the dying trees; it danced with the leaves and dragged them away unwillingly from the autumn ground. The floor was damp and stagnant with the odour of decomposing wood, diamonds pierced the black sheet held up above and looked down with vengeance. The woods seemed to never end; tall silhouettes shadowing the ground, ravens circling overhead, and screams echoing through the wind. Beady eyes hidden within the bramble scanned the area, oblivious that they were prey to these woods. A paranormal presence lurked in the essence of the devils grasp, shadowing each living organism with dire precision.

Exhausted, Sam stopped at a steep hill with leaves rustling and branches creaking on both sides. Footsteps were getting louder by the minute and Sam felt hot breath on his neck, he started shivering not knowing what to do. Something attacked Sam in a fierce way. Sam fell towards the floor and saw a large ghostly tree that grew in front of him, it was known that this tree wraps its vines around people who ventured unknowingly near it, and then no one would ever see its victim again. It was a tree that ate people. Sam’s heart stilled for a moment, caught in a shocking revelation. The burly man lifted his axe, held Sam by his shoulder and said ‘‘Happy Halloween’’. Sam was astonished that he wasn’t dead.

Carys Morgan, nine, Guiseley

...A man in dark glasses and a suit and next to him was a car. Sam suddenly realised that the man was floating and as he began to back away the man spoke in a whispering shaky voice. “Join me where all your dreams will come true. Sam I know who you are and you will be happy here with me.” Sam turned around to see if he could get help but when he turned back around the man had vanished.

Sam climbed the wooden stairs and brushed his teeth. When he looked in the bathroom mirror to wash his face instead of his face appearing the man in the dark glasses appeared. Sam rubbed his eyes and when he opened them again the man was gone.

In Sam’s bedroom he was reading in the flickering light of his lamp beside him. Sam made sure he was locked up safely before turning out the light. He locked the window, locked his door and shuts the blind and curtains but still Sam couldn’t be too sure that he was firmly locked away from that blood freezing man.

With all the tension and fright on his back, Sam turned out the light. Suddenly, the window starts to rattle, his cupboard shakes and the tension is yet again rising. Sam quickly tears the cover over his head, panic rises over him, the sound comes back and so does the strain and yet again he senses it coming closer, and closer. Everything stops.

Sam slowly pulls the cover back over his terrified face to find the man dead on the hard carpeted floor on Sam’s room. He suddenly drifted off into a sleep. The next morning the man was gone. The news is still told that the man could be lurking around anywhere.

Beth Lewis, 15

...there is nothing there. Nothing but the gloomy streetlights and battered rubbish bins clutter the hushed street. Soundlessly, the fierce wind blows a torn piece of cardboard from one side of the street to the other, bouncing lightly across the ripped asphalt. Confusion shoots across Sam’s features; he wonders if the noise was just a figment of his imagination, his mind playing tricks on him.

Shrugging the thought off, he continues to make his way down the street. Deliberately not looking up at the abandoned houses that surround him, he quickens his pace, the thought of his warm, comfortable bed driving him homewards. There isn’t long now until he’ll get home and – Sam freezes. His heart hammers against his chest like the wings of a caged bird. His forehead throbbing, he breaks into a cold, clammy sweat. His legs have turned to useless strands of jelly; his whole body is shaking with unease.

The little girl stares up at him with wide, fear-stricken eyes. She stands looking at him, her body as motionless as a corpse. Her complexion is as white as a sheet; she looks as if she’s just seen a ghost. Concern shoots across Sam’s features. It’s 10pm, the trick-or-treating period finished ages ago. What’s she doing here?

Sam opens his mouth to ask her, but his voice has deserted him. Instead of his usual, confident voice there’s an obscure croak. He gulps. Seemingly, the wind is fiercer now; the cold air harsher. He’s about to push past the child when she finally does something. Gradually, she lifts a trembling hand upwards, towards Sam. At first, he reaches out to shake her hand, only pulling it back when he realises what she’s doing. Pointing at something behind Sam.

He turns, greeted by the black eyes of a hooded figure.

Mason Moran, eight

An eerie calm filled the air on a cold, dark night in Leeds - it was Halloween.

The deserted street was dimly lit from the flickering streetlights above, the thin evening mist making hard to see much more than a few yards ahead, leaving the squelching echo of Sam’s footsteps on the harsh, rain-sodden road below the only sound for company.

The temperature is falling, the chill of the October night is pinching at Sam’s skin as his warm breaths instantly freeze and blend into the misty atmosphere. Suddenly he hears a noise in the distance. His ears strain and eyes widen as he senses it slowly coming closer, and closer.

Sam holds his breath, stops and turns to find a dark figure appearing out of nowhere, in the darkness, surrounded by a misty haze with eyes as red as blood and face a deathly white. It wore a long black coat and tall hat. Sam stood frozen, shaking with fear, lightning struck and it thundered, the ground began shaking under his feet, a tombstone slowly rose from the ground behind this terrifying figure. 13 yr old Sam began to scream, but still unable to move his feet, he couldn’t run, his legs wouldn’t move.

In a chilling voice the figure pointed his long bony finger at Sam and said “I am the hollows eve!” and Sam shaking with fear screamed and screamed and found himself on the sofa and his mum laughing at him. It was just a dream, he fell asleep while watching a ghost film and had dribbled all down his cheek. His mum sent him to bed with a hot chocolate & biscuit and calmed him down from his terrifying nightmare.

It was thundering and the tree branch was whipping at his open window, so Sam climbed out of bed to close the window, and there under the streetlamp in a misty haze stood the tall dark figure and his burning red eyes looked up at Sam’s window and Sam shouted “Go away you’re just a dream”, and in the rain the horrible ghoul shrivelled on the floor and melted into the rain.

Halloween was over.

Amir Khan, 13, Moortown enormous squelching huge rat with grimy fur, blood red eyes and grey fangs with blood dripping of the end them. Suddenly the air feels a lot colder as its icy breath caresses his skin with a frosty hand. Sam feels like his feet are stuck to the floor as he tries to run. To his horror as he turns round more and more of these rats are approaching, each and every one of them have blood dripping hypnotically off their teeth. Abruptly, they all start making

a clicking sound so loud and so painful it pushes Sam to his knees as if begging for mercy.

Sam feels like he loses his perception of time; for all he knows, one hundred years may have passed. He fears being tortured in this rotting skanky hole in the ground, his only company is a skeleton that is now starting to disintegrate. Wriggling vermin force Sam to run into a large hall filled with worms and maggots writhing on the floor which seem to be a moving heap of bones and dirt. As Sam rounds the corner he is frozen in his tracks by the mound of skulls left there like trash to decompose. As the knot in his stomach tightens, he feels like he is being crushed from the inside out. As he turns again he sees a small chamber with a dirty stool and bones lying on the ground next to it. As Sam approaches it he sees valves and tubes with green gas trailing out of them. He realises what they are but it’s too late to run.

He steps into the chamber and the door closes...

Daisy Biscombe, 12

... the most vast, creepy monster he had ever seen. Sam froze on the spot, not knowing what to do. His hands shaking like a blender, he slowly moved his head, but then froze again as the thing appeared to be getting closer. Sam muttered under his breath “Help!”. As nobody was about, no one could hear him. The hairs on Sam’s arms and neck were rising, as goose bumps were appearing. “Is this a joke?” Sam stammered. The thing was just oblivious to the chaos he was causing. Sam’s breath was getting heavier, as he was getting weaker. Every second was like a year to Sam, he decided to make a move, if only he didn’t! The monster scampered after Sam, and eventually caught up. His razor sharp claws ripped Sam’s vampire outfit. Then he snatched him. “ You’re going to wish you were never born!” Spat the hideous, daunting, bloodcurdling monster. Sam was petrified, what could he do?

As time ticked on, Sam’s heart raced. He pinched himself, thinking it was a dream, but this was real and happening. As the monster fell asleep, it was the perfect time to run away. But, because Sam was so nervous, his legs felt like jelly. Sam finally managed to stand up, but when things were starting to go right, things took a turn for the worst. The meat eating monster woke up, so Sam decided to run. Sam ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. Sam thought he lost the monster, but the monster hasn’t lost Sam. The monster could smell Sams’ flesh and blood. Sam’s luck was running out. Sam fell to the floor, knocking him out. The spine-chilling monster picked up Sam, with his hairy, sharp hands, and took him back to his cave. The monster stabbed Sam in the heart, leaving him to die. Watch out kids.

Joshua Marc Middleton, 15, Rothwell

...himself face to face with a creature, so repulsive, so gruesome he staggered, gasping for breath.

“You don’t like what you see?” rasped the creature, its breath hanging thick in the air, a wretched stench clinging to the mist. The scaly slimy skin of the creature was iridescent in the streetlight; it lumbered towards Sam.

“Don’t like what you see boy?” the creature repeated.

“I... I... What are you?” Sam rattled.

“You don’t recognise me?” replied the shuddering mass. Sam noticed its filthy claws retracting as if it was itching to grab something, someone. Him?

“You’re out here on your own in the dark, to scare, frighten, terrify others. Scaring old folks, playing tricks, being mean. It’s supposed to be fun for the little kids Sam.”

Sam could feel his palms and face becoming clammy whilst simultaneously feeling icy cold fingers on the back of his neck, teasing then starting to grip. Frozen to the spot, limbs refusing to run, Sam managed to form a response to the creature.

“I’m meeting my mates for Trick or Treat,” he whispered, feeling that he might pass out at any minute. Unsure if it was the fear or the suffocating breathe of the creature that made his chest feel like it might implode with the pressure. The look that came into the creature’s eyes sent a blood curdling sensation down Sam’s spine.

“A good night’s work for a bully, Sam. However I am your own fear.” The threat in its voice faced Sam like a firing squad.

Sam’s friends rounded the corner as the jaws of the quivering mass opened, exposing strings of green slime spewing a cloud of vile smelling gas and with one quick movement and gnashing of sharp, filth-coated fangs, Sam was gone, consumed by his own fear!

Millie Smith, 13, Rawdon


Well no one he could see. He knew Tris was there. Hiding in amongst the particles of air. With her friends from the Fandom... Albus and Prim.

He knew they are all there because Tris had told him.

In his dreams. Like God.

She told him he had to complete a job. An important one.

But before midnight... She was coming then to take him. To the Fandom.

He knew that his job was key. He knew both ways he would die. But if successful he would go and stay with Tris, Albus and Prim. His personal favourites.

There was the art gallery, or the town hall or maybe even the city museum. He wasn’t sure which one has the most memories stored within its walls. He decided to go for town hall for the sole reason that he knew that it was going to reduce his quickening breaths. For this night only, he needed total control.

Through the huge doors. Through the deserted rooms. He was looking for something. Sam didn’t know what but he was certain that he would when he did.

Deeper into the town hall. He went down. Down. Until he was in the cells. He looked. He saw.

The disfigured remnants of his enemy. No. not him. Neatherine was strong. And powerful, he would have been great. If he saw clear.


Now he knew. He knew what he had to do. He had to die a good death. A worthy one. Like Tris. That was how he was going to get into the Fandom.

He heard the clock above him.


He took his last breath

His last breath on earth.

His head went dizzy and then he saw her hazel eyes smiling at him.

“Welcome to the Fandom”.

Molly Woodhouse, 9, Guiseley

...A dark figure looming in front of him. He looks into the glowing green eyes of the terrifying dark figure. Sam screams and runs away. He runs and runs and runs as fast as his legs would carry him. Suddenly he trips and goes flying head first into a deep dark puddle. Everything turns pitch black. He feels like he is falling down and down into a different land. Suddenly he lands with a bump. He sits there rubbing his eyes wondering where on earth he is. As he opens his eyeshe can’t believe he is in a completely different land where the sun is shining brightly in the dazzling blue sky. He hears a noise and slowly turns around thinking it will be a monster but instead there was a little elf standing there smiling at him. He was so shocked that he almost fell over again. The elf asks him, “Are you coming to the fancy dress party?”

Sam replies, “Well, well yes!” He thinks it sounds like fun. Then suddenly down from the hole came his friend Noah dressed in the same outfit as the monster who had frightened Sam earlier. They all went to the party together and had a great time.

Mia Lily Beck, 12, Menston

An eye bleeding sight. It, what ever it was, was glaring down on him with mad goggling eyes. People say that fear of fear itself is the most fearful thing- they obviously hadn’t been unlucky enough to be patronised by the presents of this unbelievable beast. It claw like feet seamed to scrape across the sodden cracking pavement, marking it territory- the place it had decided to please itself with a stomach turning feast.

Sam’s blood froze uncontrollably in rhythm to his body as his eyes travelled over the monstrous nightmare which seamed to be planning a pounce. Its body was patched over in grungy blood stained fur. Sadly patches of fur had been ripped off revealing the stretched decaying skin beneath. In places the ruff skin had not survived the attack; the full moon gleamed against the mouldy white bones causing the ridged lumps in the surviving skin. If that wasn’t enough to terrifying him for life then he hadn’t seen the rest. Slowly his eyes gave in to the temptation to look at the rest of the grotesque monster. Firstly its ears: it ears were ripped and layered in scars from a triumphant battle. It forehead was shadowed by the remains of its ears but the parts he could see showed cuts gushing out shimmering pools of blood. This didn’t feel real Sam thought. Stretched skin cringed onto its white eyeballs decorated by red maddening pupils. The mouth of the beast was like a black hole sucking Sam into the despair of the monsters churning stomach-visible beneath the out stuck bones.

Its bony hairless legs bent preparing to leap high into the air ready to land straight onto Sam’s petrified body. It stretched its mouth revealing the sharp blood stained fangs hidden behind the skinned jaw. It pounced…

James Danby, 9, Guiseley

A ruby red demon with gleaming yellow eyes, with a blink of an eye Sam sprinted up the street. His heart pounded as the puddles on the ground splashed up on his newly bought Lonsdale joggers. He peered behind, the demon was chasing him he picked up the pace but he tripped and fell to the ground the demon ran towards him and stabbed its trident towards Sam he rolled out of the way he jumped up and carried on sprinting towards the park.

He hid in a bush that blended in with his coat.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are” The Demon cackled

Sam sprinted through the bushes there was no time to think he carried on as the demon was looking for him. He went down towards the river that was where it all went wrong. Sam fell in and the demon found him the demon jumped at him as he dropped his trident. They were wrestling in the cold water but not did they release that they were heading for the waterfall. They carried on wrestling and they fell down the waterfall Sam kicked his legs as he swam to the top of the water the demon was nowhere to be seen Sam cheered “Hooray” as he triumphed in the defeat of the demon.

Alfie Purnell, 9, Guiseley

Nothing but a dark, faceless shadow looming over him. A clammy hand touches his skin sending icy chills down his spine. Sam freezes. His entire body is paralysed with fear. He tries to scream, but his mouth is so dry that only an empty sound comes out. No one will hear him; nobody will be alerted to his terror.

Sam closes his eyes, trying desperately to block out reality. His heart is beating so fast that he thought it would escape from his chest. He could still feel the ghostly presence was with him. Petrified, Sam thought he was going to die...

His phone muffles a tune that he recognises, breaking the haunting silence. Sam cautiously bends to answer it but it isn’t ringing. The confusion of everything whirls around his brain like a destructive tornado, making him so dizzy that he can’t even stand up. He slams to the ground with a massive heavy thud.

After a period of unconsciousness, his eyes pierced open to see an orange haze staring over him. The same icy breeze hit him again, and then it was gone as though it had evaporated into the autumn air. Sam rose from the floor feeling like a corpse, and then he ran and ran illuminating the darkness with an orange glow.

Imogen Getzels, 10, Guiseley

A large wolf, bearing its teeth that glistened like diamonds in the moonlight,droplets of blood hung like rubies from the large fangs.

Without thinking Sam turned and ran, quickening each step to gain more speed. Sam knew he wasn’t going to win this fight but he at least had to try. Sams heart was pounding in his ears and sweat was trickling down his reddened face, even on this cold night his body felt like a furnace.

Sam knew the wolf was close behind but he was too scared turn to look.

Sam ran and ran, his breath hurt and his lungs felt heavy. He scrambled over the farmers gate and ran for all his life. Running across the muddy field was hard going, each step landing deep in the squishy mud, slipping and sliding, struggling to stay upright. With all his might Sam hurled himself over the dry stone wall and landed with a thud on the wet earth.

Sam sat there for a moment, his body shaking, taking large, deep breaths at every second, he tried hard to steady his breath and gain more energy.

Sam held his breath and listened. The faint bleating of sheep from a nearby field drifted on the breeze. Sam swallowed hard and straining his ears listened again.

Sam laughed out loud. He’d out foxed a wolf! His friends at school would never beleive this, Sam would be a hero!

Sam breath on the back of his neck made his hair stand on end, drips of saliva slid down his back, making him shiver.......It was the wolf!

The wolf lunged his razor like teeth into Sams neck and blood mixed with rain on the grass. Sams carcus lay on the ground, limp and lifeless........waiting to be eaten.

Abbie Teal, 10, Guiseley

Nothing. Just a willow branch bouncing in the breeze. Sam carried on his Halloween trip warily until he arrived at the first house he’d seen in miles. A small place; covered in moss and ivy with a window cracked at the top. It looked like a piece of artwork: Disheveled, ancient, abandoned and... different. Approaching the splintered wooden door Sam heard a piercing scream deafening his ear for a split second. His heart beat fast and hot terrified tears splattered his face, coating his cheeks in a salty water. He had convinced himself the owner of the house could help. This gave him courage to walk towards the door (as of course, you might have guessed, he was truly lost,) He raised his fist and thudded on the door. No one answered. So he banged a second time. However, once again no one answered.

“Hello! Hello!”

He whacked the door repeatedly until it finally gave way, crashing to the floor bringing Sam with it. Finally, after lying on the ground stunned for a minute or two, Sam pushed himself up and brushed off the dust, sneezing and scratching as it blowed back into his face. He looked at the door he was standing on. It had completely snapped down the middle. Not too far away from him, in the corner, stood a shadow. Wisps of light glinted in front of the mysterious figure’s shoe showing a pool of fresh blood and a dead body. It’s face was turned the other way so Sam could not see what gender it was.

“Shhhhhh. Don’t make a sound. It will only make people wonder.”

The voice was soothing, almost calming. Sam felt himself being pulled towards the stranger. He felt trapped inside his own head and couldn’t feel himself walking towards the shadow. It was almost as if he wasn’t doing it; as if he wasn’t in control anymore; as if he had no opinion inside his own head! Just then the figure thrust his hand out and Sam fell to the floor. His body was dead. He could still feel his soul trapped inside his head.

“Trick or treat,”

The man’s voice changed from soothing to a sour laugh as he walked out the door, knife in hand...

Nancy Edmondson, 12

A shadow, a shadow getting larger and larger, closer and closer. Sam turned away, ignoring the figure immerging from the dusk. The poorly lit street suddenly lost all its dim light. A thick blanket of murkiness surrounded him, closing in around the young, ten-year-old boy. Fog getting heavier, making it harder for Sam to breathe, the shadow disappeared. Nothing but jet blackness could be seen for miles, just the veiled skyline of the far away distance.

Never had Sam been in a situation like this before. Before he could try and make sense of it all, a flash of blinding light consumed the thick fog.

Still, he couldn’t see anything, but this time it was the blaze that was blinding Sam from all he could see. What was strange though, was that there was no noise to go with this flash, there was silence. That was what made it scarier. The fact that there was no noise what so ever. The fact that there was quietness -this hurt Sam’s ears more than any loud noise could ever had done.

The flash only lasted for a few seconds then it went back to normal –well…

The shadow reappeared, the shape of a hands sort of. Sam ran down the street but the shadow, like the moon, followed him. The street lamps flickered still and the pavement was still slippery so it was far from easy to run. It was impossible for Sam to know where he was, but he knew he was far away from his house. How he would get home or how he would ever escape this mysterious spooky world of shadows, flashes of light and darkness he did not know but what he did know was there was something behind him…

Abdulahi Ali, 12, Wetherby

Nothing was there however he sensed it coming closer closer. Until it breathed on his face he did not see but ultimately he felt the warm breath AND THEN HE SAW. IT WAS DEATHBRINGER .It resembled a hellish creature sent from hell it had a hood and a long gown it had a neckless of with the cross on he had no eyes just emptiness sam stepped back at the first look.” DO YOU WANT TO DIE I AM THE DEATHBRINGER MY NAME IS LUCIFERTHE LAST FACE YOU WILL SEE WHEN YOU DIE ”HE SAID Sam felt scared “what do you want “he said panicking “I want to make a pact” he said “what pact” Sam said “I give you a book you you write any name and they die but you’re asking in your head what’s in it for me If they were destined 40 years it becomes mine I live longer but if you disagree you DIE” Lucifer was looking in to his eyes he felt adventure “Lucifer why do you want me why pick me I get bullied by my friends WHY ME” he said trying to understand the situation “I’ve watching you get bullied I sense your revenge and im giving you a CHANCE make the deal boy I give five days die or deal” Lucifer disappeared sam collapsed he felt sense of relief and sense of there’s more to it than that the devil was hiding something.

Ajhani Evans, 12, Wetherby

A corpse hanging from the branch in the trees, the lifeless body swung back and forth, branches creaking with every swing. Sam shuddered, staring at the corpse in disgust and horror, unable to look away from such a bloody sight. The body was hanging from a noose, eyes rolled back into their head with a twisted smile on their face.

Sam closed his eyes and shook his head, he reopened his eyes… The corpse was gone. He thought he was going insane, they ran further, water splashing under his shoes. But it wasn’t water, it was blood. He ran further, feeling the ‘mud’ under his feet, they felt a nefarious presence behind them and they turned to find out it wasn’t anything except the ominous mist surrounding him and the area surrounding.”

Alfie Fitzgerald, 12, Wetherby

I started to gradually walk towards the other end of the alley been even more careful with every step I took, I eventually got to the other end of the when the ground started to tremble, I heard dogs barking, then it jumped out at me, I turned around and ran it was catching me up I ran through some woods where I was meet some mates I didn’t have the energy in me to run anymore I had no choice but to stop and have a rest, that was the worst decision of my life it walk past me heavy breathing I couldn’t make out what it was, then it looked right at me, it had red eyes, green face, but in the end it was just a kid having a bit of fun.

Eleanor Wylde, Wetherby

A silver flash blinding Sam eyes. He fell, his head hit the ground he looked up and saw a tall man running away. His body went numb; Sam saw blood dripping on the cold hard ground. Suddenly he felt a tremendous pain all over his body; he looked down at his stomach and saw that a knife had been stabbed deep into his stomach; he looked again and saw that his stomach acid was oozing out! He screamed and looked up at the tall man that was running back to him. He wouldn’t stop running, he hissed at Sam and wacked a metal bar round his head. Sam was dead. The murderer pulled the knife out of Sam’s stomach, blood gushed out like a fountain! The murderer grabbed Sam’s cold, beaten legs and dragged him across the hard rough ground to the bridge of the motorway, scraping Sam’s tender skin. The murderer lifted Sam up and threw him over the bridge…. Sam was falling, falling at the speed of light. Sam hit a car and turned into minced meat….

Elijah Vasquez, 12, Wetherby

A hanging head that was one of his own kind. A human. His friend. Sam never saw a disgusted and horrifying sight. No one saw him, Sam was alone. All Sam could think of was thinking of going home and forgetting everything about the decapitated head in the pitch black alley way.

Suddenly the streetlights shut to darkness and there was a

profound dark sound of mist. Sam observed around of a place to hide, however, it was

too late.

As Sam saw in the distance, he saw a ghost-like figure and as Sam walked closer and

closer to the figure.

Harry Spruce, 12, Wetherby

The door closes and a man in the shadows says to him “leave now or die” and then Sam ran upstairs and locks the door in the dark room.

Then he has seen a another door creak open and says come in and then he walks in and he see something that is about his past and then he runs back out the door and his head can’t stop thinking about what he saw in the door and then he realised that what he saw was things he did in the past and it was bad things. He went back down to see if the shadow was there , but it wasn’t there.

After a while Sam was hungry and went to the kitchen and went to the fridge and got a plate of ginger bread men on it he picked it up and sat down on a wooden chair and table then the table and chair felt apart and the ginger bread men came alive and kept saying “eat us , eat us , eat us” and then Sam got a spoon and waked them all when they tried to jump on him. Sam got tired and then went up to the dark room again and tried to get some sleep.

He woke up and he could hear then door open and then he ran downstairs and he ran outside and he ran all the way home until he saw a police car at his door , then he went into the house and saw his mum crying in the dining room and then he went upstairs to wait for the police to leave.

Jana Lewis and Josephine Dodsworth, 13, Wetherby

The most terrifying sight of his life; he couldn’t believe the horror. His eyes had been abducted by the devil; he was playing games with his mind. Sam screamed for help but no words came out suddenly a group of little girls came around him were they real or was he hallucinating? They had long black, corpse-like hair and mysterious yet ghostly eyes. As Sam looked mournfully into their eyes he could feel his soul fleeing from his exhausted body. The dead and dark trees were swaying in the distance, it was falling further into the night, darker and darker, spookier and spookier eerier and eerier.

He felt as if he’d been stood still as a statue for years on end.

Kian Parr, 12, Wetherby

So I started to walk closer towards the shadow. I started to feel worried as I didn’t know what it could be. Thinking harder and harder, I became aware that it could just be some silly Halloween trick. However, it was kind of too obvious to be a trick, with the noises and the shadows. I stayed where I was, and there was a moment of silence… Suddenly! The silence was filled with a huge roar, followed by a loud scream. Then, the shadow crept closer towards me. I turned to run down a lit alley. I was making my escape, when I saw blood stains on the wall, looking quite fresh. I knew that I had dug myself into a deep hole, and then as I knew things were getting worse, I was the cornered by 3 human bodies, and they seemed to be wearing a strange mask, then suddenly…

Lauren Craven, 12, Wetherby

An old postman sitting on top of his 1950’s van. The van was dirty and pale red. He looked very, well see through, as if he was a……GHOST!

Sam collapsed on the floor.

The next thing he knew he woke up in a haunted hospital with an awful scary doctor stood next to him along with his parents. He had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t. He stood up, walked around the death trap of a hospital. Every doctor and nurse weren’t stopping him doing anything…they all just stood with tilted, pale heads looking possessed or something. Sam decided to go back to his room. He opened the door to find…an open field where the sun was shining and the grass was swaying. Sam rubbed his eyes again because he had just come out of this haunted hospital. He looked up and saw what he saw before only without the sun. Instead, the grey sky above him was whirling and in the distance there was an evil creepy man. He locked the door and ran to his parents. He went to the bathroom without a window or lights, opened the bathroom door to find…the evil creepy man standing right in front of him. The man said something like “I was the owner of this city 200 years ago, until one of your ancestors took over. I killed everyone in this town apart from YOU. If you come in here the toilet will pull you down it and you will die. If you leave, I will kill you immediately. Sam didn’t know what to do. He ran out, figured a ghost could kill him and suddenly felt a burning sensation in his chest…he was dying…DEAD.

He woke up in a boys bedroom as a GHOST.

Robert Breeze, 12 , Wetherby

Just one kid, standing alone, staring and staring at one of the flickering lights. He stood there as if he or Sam hadn’t noticed each other. He heard another noise behind him, he swung round expecting another creepy thing, nothing was there. He turned around to the boy again, but he had just, vanished. Sam looked all around him, but he wasn’t anywhere. He began to shiver as the cold breeze hit his face. Sam started walking again struggling to keep on his feet , he was truly frightened.

Thomas Leech, 12, Wetherby

An old, rusty locked door. Behind that lies a path. Sam kicked the door and it was so badly vandalized, it swung open. Fear raised as his imagination messed with his vision. “I can do it!” He shouted as he sprinted down the path. “I see this place in my dreams, I know where everything is!” Sam entered the first room, ready to turn back and run. The first room was full of dead bodies, blood everywhere and bones covered the ground. Chainsaws and knifes could be seen here and there. As he walked deeper into the room he felt something, something telling him to go back, but he ignored it and carried on.

Sam was shacking at this point, this time thinking about turning back but then his curios side stopped his fear and produced more questions into his mind. He finally made it into the second room; a hall full of open iron doors. He went into the first one and there was a sign in the back of the room saying torcher room one. There was wooden stall, a dead body on that stall, and a tray full of torcher weapons. Sam wasted no time leaving that room before the hall disappeared and instead another room was behind him, a nice posh rich, but old fashioned, mansion bedroom with dolls here and there. He fell to his knees, feeling dizzy, and felt sick. Then his vision blurred as a blue glowing figure appeared. “Remember me Sam?” said the blue figure “the kid you bullied then drove to suicide?” Sam was shocked then fainted.

Three days later sam woke up in hostpital, and the doctor told him they had found him fainted. The doctor left, and Stanley felt dizzy…

Ruth Dunne, 10, Guiseley

Sam turned and saw a ghost like figure walking towards him. He ran as fast as the wind straight through the Millennium Square and onto the City museum where he saw a vampire holding a knife. Sam ran inside to where the stuffed animals are.

Sam saw something move and he screamed, he leapt up and ran; so did the evil thing. Sam saw a mummy and fled. Sam ran to the Town Hall where it was safe. All of a sudden he falls down a mine shaft and meets a long lost relative. It was his uncle Patrick and he is so overwhelmed he passes out.

Uncle Patrick is a famous architect and went to war and got shot in the back. He got rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention. When it was all sorted he went out for a walk to find Sam and he was in the woods when all of a sudden he fell down an old rotting well. “SAM ARE YOU THERE!” “Yes Patrick why are you here?” “I got sent here for a walk and I fell down this well, may I ask why you are here?” “Yes, I was taken a prisoner by someone or something...”

Romany Branston, 9, Guiseley

.....A little girl, about age four, dressed up in a fluffy round pumpkin costume wearing a huge grizzly grin.

The boy screamed, “It’s a massive walking pumpkin!” The young girl started laughing and jumped onto her dad’s back (who had stepped out from the shadows across the pavement) and they chased Sam along the slippery cobbled streets towards the Corn Exchange.

Sam ran terrified, as fast as a leopard, his heart beating like thunder, tripping over the cobbles as he went in the pattering rain until he eventually reached the Trinity Centre where he stopped; he thought he’d escaped from the big fat running pumpkin but she was still after him - just hiding behind a big ornamental horse, still on her dad’s back.

When Sam set off slowly walking, relieved, they leapt up and chased after the older boy. As quick as an athlete, he sprinted to the train station where he got dressed into his scariest vampire outfit (a black leather cape with silky red lining and a short curly wig). He hid behind a bench and, when he saw the pumpkin coming, jumped out with his long sharp fangs and finally he scared the pumpkin away. After all the excitement of running around Leeds, an out of breath Sam jumped onto the train ready to meet his best friend and go out trick or treating.

Sylvie Dillon, 10, Guiseley

A fire demon with red horns, sharp teeth and flames, stood before Sam. He ran as fast as he could back home and told his mum.

“Silly there’s no such thing as demons,” laughed Sam’s mum.

Just then there was a knock at the door, Sam went to open it. There stood the fire demon. Sam tried to runaway but the monster followed him, shouting “There’s room for one more!”

Sam looked outside, he saw lots of people wrapped in a rope, Sam sprinted towards poor terrified people. The fire demon followed Sam and caught him up. He tried to escape but it was useless. Where on earth were they taking them?

Sam found himself in a dark, gloomy cave with skeletons in a damp corner .He knew he was going to die .The fire demon cut the rope and pulled out a person and attached the girl to a long pole and set it on fire .She immediately turned to dust, Sam was scared to the bone. The fire demon did it again and again, laughing every time someone turned too dust. Then a familiar face got pulled out. Who was it? It was his auntie Margaret.

“Stop, that’s my auntie,” shouted Sam,” I’ll die with her. Please.”

“Ok , you were going to die a long ,painful death but you will still die .”

The fire demon pulled Sam out and attached him to the pole and he and his auntie turned to dust.

Back at home Sam’s mum wished she believed his son and that demons existed .She started to think, would the fire demon come back and that she should have been the one to die and not her son . She pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed it into her heart and she died.

Jenna Biddle, 11, Dewsbury

Another supernatural being was lurking behind the shadows, Sam could sense that he wasn’t

alone .Everything was silent but not silent that it was peaceful; it was more eerie and frightening

than anything. (The creepy thing was that the night before Sam had stayed awake watching, well

cowering behind a pillow, a series of hair raising movies.) Maybe he was just imagining it; maybe it

was him, convincing himself there was somebody (or something) in his presence. Unbelievingly he pinched himself to ensure he wasn’t dreaming and he wasn’t in his soft as a pillow, comfortable heaven. “ Nope I guess I’m here , stranded in the middle of Leeds by myself, nothing at all to be frightened of “ Sam convinced himself , shaking like a leaf. “CRASH!” As fast as Usain Bolt Sam turned around to see a indistinct silhouette gradually fading away. “AHH!” HELP! Screamed Sam

as loud as a cat being trampled on .Instantly everything went silent again, it was so silent, he

could have heard a pin drop. Sam leaped through the air trying to get as far away from Leeds as

he possibly could. Still running, breath pounding, head spinning Sam ran. Sam would keep racing

even if it caused him to die of a heart attack … Twilight had come, dark misty colours combined

into one, the ball of cheese slowly walked like a snail into the sapphire blue sky.

“Do not be afraid we can get through this together,” a voice rose from nowhere. Panic pierced through Sam’s heart. His mind spiralled like a Catherine wheel. He was being dragged into a whirlpool, a whirlpool where everything in his sight was collided into one.

The silhouette took his hand, guiding him somewhere, somewhere into the unknown...

Nancy Edmondson, 12

Sam holds his breath, stops and turns to find…

A shadow, a shadow getting larger and larger, closer and closer. Sam turned away, ignoring the figure immerging from the dusk. The poorly lit street suddenly lost all its dim light. A thick blanket of murkiness surrounded him, closing in around the young, ten-year-old boy. Fog getting heavier, making it harder for Sam to breathe, the shadow disappeared. Nothing but jet blackness could be seen for miles, just the veiled skyline of the far away distance.

Never had Sam been in a situation like this before. Before he could try and make sense of it all, a flash of blinding light consumed the thick fog.

Still, he couldn’t see anything, but this time it was the blaze that was blinding Sam from all he could see. What was strange though, was that there was no noise to go with this flash, there was silence. That was what made it scarier. The fact that there was no noise what so ever. The fact that there was quietness -this hurt Sam’s ears more than any loud noise could ever had done.

The flash only lasted for a few seconds then it went back to normal – well…

The shadow reappeared, the shape of a hands sort of. Sam ran down the street but the shadow, like the moon, followed him. The street lamps flickered still and the pavement was still slippery so it was far from easy to run. It was impossible for Sam to know where he was, but he knew he was far away from his house. How he would get home or how he would ever escape this mysterious spooky world of shadows, flashes of light and darkness he did not know but what he did know was there was something behind him…

Jack Greenbank, 10, Guiseley

A dark mysteries figure appearing out of the mist staring at Sam with his blood red eyes. Sam was petrified as the figure became closer and closer so he ran and ran until his little heart was beating faster than a racing car. He knew he was safe once he reached the Leeds town hall.

Carefully Sam opened the door to find dozens and dozens of dead children and candy was scattered across the floor . After stepping on candy, children and candy containers, he finally reached a hiding place under some old instruments. To his surprise, Sam heard the doors burst open and Sam heard footsteps coming his way. The figure was becoming closer and closer to Sam and he was worried that if he catches him he will kill him but once the figure wasn’t looking Sam made a quick getaway but the figure saw Sam escape the building and he was running after him like mad.

Sam knew he had to come face to face with the figure so he ran down a dark alley way and stopped at the dead end. By now the two of them were now facing each other and the figure pulled out the sharpest knife Sam had ever seen. He Quickly scanned the alley way for something to defend himself with but there was nothing. Any second the figure would be charging at Sam and all he could do was stand his ground and be brave.

Just then there was a police man driving a car and he saw the figure charging at Sam, so he swerved his car to block the alleyway and he quickly got out of his car and shot the the dark figure Sam was overwhelmed that he was now safe and sound with a police man.

The figure was buried that night but there was a the next night and lightning struck the figure’s grave and he came to life...

Grace Katherine Mcshee, 12

Sam holds his breath, stops and turns to find a masked figure dressed from head to toe in black. Sam makes a run for it. He can feel the silhouette of the man creeping up slowly behind him. He reaches a dead end. There is nowhere to run... “Hey Sammy you know I’m not Usaine bolt!” a voice wheezed. Sam turned to find his best friend, out of breath and clutching his stomach. “Oh sorry benny I didn’t recognise you! That is one scary costume!” So Benny and Sam walk together through the streets and knock on people’s doors. Then they approach house number thirteen. “No Sammy I, I cant do this” Benny had encountered some gruesome events in the past involving the number thirteen. “oh come on benny stop being a chicken!” but even Sam felt a little intimidated by the infamous number thirteen house. Holding hands, they slowly walk towards the house. It has a dark, brooding, malicious sense to it even the boys couldn’t deny was terrifying. One step closer and they were at the doorstep. Sam carefully knocked. The door swung open to find a ...

William Breckin, Guiseley,

A dark shadowy figure with a knife the blood stain on it dripping on the wet, cold concrete floor his blade shimmering in the moonlight he thought if I die here no one will ever find me, he ran as fast as he could to the train station the figure followed him there and within 1 minute he was there he looked around no one was here he thought again thats quite weird he ran to the Town Hall this time to find no one was here either he thought on a saturday night there must be people in the clubs so he went to find one. When he did there was no one there he heard a whisper behind him saying “you can not hide from me” he turned round the figure was standing there still, his knife risen and ready to strike into Sam’s heart, Sam closed his eyes ready for death, when he opened them he was laid on his bed this was all a dream……..

Muhammed Musa Imran, 9, Guiseley

A dark and gloomy outlined figure (whose name was Dracula) was approaching the City Museum. In the depth of the night, Sam curiously followed him as his shadow deflected off the bright moon. As the clock struck 12, Sam and the figure entered the museum. Quickly but quietly, Sam hid behind the monuments for the figure kept looking behind him if anyone was following him. Sam saw the figure floating and disappearing into the coffin!!!

Sam turned around and sprinted towards the exit, feeling alone and scared. He ran home with his bag full of sticky sweets. The wooden floorboards creaked; he ran upstairs and threw himself on his bed. All night he sat there thinking “What is going on!”

As the sun crept over the horizon, he went straight to the museum. When he arrived he couldn’t believe what he saw, it was the legendary FRANKENSTEIN!!! The strange thing about this was Frankenstein was in the coffin were Dracula was!!!

Poor old Sam didn’t see the towering Frankenstein looming over him. Sprinting like Usain Bolt, strong old Sam ran through the damp forest, which was growing blossoms. Leaping away in fright, he scampered away to hide. Frankenstein was puzzled about were Sam was so he decided to return back to the City Museum.

The next day, Sam saw loads of big bad Halloween monsters like Dracula and his gang. Sam followed them to their ghost train and then and only then Sam entered the train after Draculas gang did. Sweat trickled down Sam’s temple and in fear his lips were quivering. The train door slammed shut he was petrified! No one was to be seen then he saw shadows bouncing off the roof. Suddenly he heard a whisper Saying “lets TRICK AND TREAT!!!” as he pulled out a knife…

Estera (Flori Faith) Ulrich-Oltean, 12

A wrinkled old man, clothed in a maggot-eaten travelling cloak. His teeth are rotten and his breath stinks.

“Are you the same boy told to come to this place at this time on this night?” the old man’s whisper sends a chill down Sam’s spine.

“Yes,” he stutters in reply.

“Follow me,” the old man whispers.

He leads Sam down dark alleyway after dark alleyway, not once mentioning their destination. When they arrive, Sam is taken up several flights of stairs. He hears a door close. He is alone in a room of darkness and cold. Sam waits for hours but nothing happens. He tries many futile ways to escape but nothing works.

Just as he begins to lose all hope, the door creaks open and the old man enters. Sam confronts him outright but the response is worse than not knowing.

“You were a fool to leave your home tonight, boy” the old man says quietly.

Trying to sound bold, Sam remarks “You’ve left the door open.”

“I don’t need to close it” came the reply.

Suddenly, the skin starts peeling off his face and his flesh decomposes to reveal a milk-white skeleton. Two more skeletons enter the room. Then, five more. Soon, a whole army is marching towards Sam. He cowers is what he thinks is the corner of the room – only to find himself pressed against a wall of bones.

“It won’t be long until you join them” one of the voices whispers. He finds he is surrounded. Slowly they close in on him. I will not scare you with the details but suffice to say that at ten o’clock on the 1st of November Sam’s body was discovered in an old abandoned building. So ends his tragic tale.

Gracie Keane, seven

....A huge three headed Vampire wearing blood red and midnight black was slowly drifting towards him. His two arms were quite long (in Sam’s opinion) and pale. Sam quickly noticed that the Vampire’s two legs were as wobbly as jelly. Sam looked round to see the street flooding with similar looking Vampires. He then instantly wished he had stayed at home to watch the X-Factor with Mum. As he looked around him, he realised why they were all heading towards him - he was dressed in a red Devil costume with fake blood (that mum had painted on for him) all over him. How he regretted his choice of Halloween outfit now!! He was so scared he felt as is his heart was going to jump out of his chest. So much for a Happy Halloween!! Sam had never been as scared as this in his whole life. He tried hard not to panic. Looking around his surroundings trying to plan his escape

route, he realised that there was no escape. He was surrounded. In fact, one of the Vampires was fast approaching him. He tried to run but there was nowhere to go. Backed into a corner, the vampire was drifting closer and closer towards him. Panic set in. “I won’t hurt you Sam,” said a familiar voice. “Ho how d...d... do you know my name?” replied Sam in a terrified voice. “It’s me your friend Oscar, I sit next to you in Maths”. Relief instantly flooded through Sam. “But who are all these people?” asked Sam very confused by now. “Well I had a vampire party and I came to find you to see if you wanted to come,” replied Oscar. So Sam went to the party with all his friends, and had a Happy Halloween after all.

Mary Armstrong, ten, Guiseley

...A pair of blood­red eyes staring right at him, he was gobsmacked and didn’t decide to get any closer for he didn’t know what to expect. He backed off a little but they instantly vanished.

Cautiously he continued ,still speechless of what he’s just seen. He tried not to panic and ran straight for the nearest building he could find. He soon can up to an old, deserted shed covered in graffiti. He rested for a minute then continued to walk. After a little while he had walked into the deepest part of the forest only to find an enormous rock. He looked just to see if there was anything lurking but nothing was to be seen.

Swiftly he turned his head back only to see a great, big shadow cast on the rock, in his opinion it seemed to look like a tiger.

Once again he stepped back. The shadow began to stare at him a chill suddenly shivered down his spine. Sam knew something was going to happen so he ran away not looking back. Sprinting for his life he soon ran out of breath but he could not see anything suspicious so he stopped and tried to get his breath back

He had finally caught up to his breath therefore he kept walking until he eventually walked straight out of the forest and right into the centre of Leeds.

The bizarre thing was that it was empty,there were no animals or humans to be seen.”ROAAAR!” Sam nearly had a heart attack, he soon realised it came from the corner of the square.

He rushed round the corner and found the entrance to the Leeds city museum.He entered to find...

A stuffed tiger with the same blood­red eyes and the same posture as the shadow cast and fierce enough to make that huge roar he had just heard .Sam stood there speechless waiting for the sunrise.

Ruby Bowman, 11, Shipley

......... Luminous yellow eyes staring menacingly at him. He gasps in sheer terror. His first instinct was to run, but the creature’s mesmerising eyes seemed to stop him in his tracks. When he comes to his senses, he runs, not knowing that turning his back on the hunter is the worst thing to do. When his lungs are splitting and he can barley breathe from running, he stops and relaxes, thinking he has lost the monster. He thought wrong. He sits down onto the filthy street, catching his breath. He hears a noise, a menacing, growling sound coming closer towards him. As he stands up, the creature comes out of the shadows and steps in to the orange street lights. His matted, dark fur covered his body and his sharp, pearl white teeth were dripping with blood.

His claws were as pointy as a dagger and his forked tongue hissed with fury and hunger. Even though he was running just a couple of seconds ago, he felt paralysed with fear, like his feet were stuck to the floor so he couldn’t move. As the animal moved towards Sam, he wanted to scream, call for help, but the words were stuck in his throat. He didn’t know what to do- he was hopeless against this terror. He turned and ran, as fast as his legs would carry him, hoping that he would outrun the monster and get home. It was in fast pursuit and was clearly getting hungry, and Sam was his dinner. It was inches away from him now, trying to grab him with his razor- sharp claws. This was it- there was no hope for Sam. He turned round, facing the creature. It swiped at Sam’s chest. Sam fell to the ground, and the world faded into blackness.

Molly Harrison, 12

… ...a monster! (A hideous,revolting monster!) Sam ran and ran faster and faster.

“Sam stop running I’m getting tiered (pant,pant)”

Sam new that voice anywhere

“Jamie mate you gave me a fright then” Sam shouted

“What do you mean I’m not Evan in an costume. Anyway we need to get to that ghost house on more street”said Jamie a little frightened.

“All of our gang is meeting up there” So Sam and Jamie set of not nowing what the night will bring them...

Eventually Sam and Jamie arrived at this disgusting house there was cobwebs growing out side in the long sea weed like grass and the walls were panelled with purple as dark as the midnight sea and the roof was Black ; a ghostly black as Jamie would say.

“Sam wats that stone sticking out of the ground” Jamie worriedly exclaimed

The two boys looked at each utter then screamed

“Grave stone!”

They both dashed in side the house in to a dimly lit gigantic hall way with a grand stair case but their is also cobwebs dangling from the shandelear and a horrid stench which spreads all across the house

“ why did we run in hear? It’s as creepy as outside I’m going home” said Jamie

Jamie pulled at the door as hard as possible

“It doesn’t open oh no oh no I have to go home” sobbed Jamie

“Shut up, it’s probably only the gang messing with us come on let’s ave a look around”

They both walked up the elegant stairs then went through to the bed room but was never saw again no won nows were they are…

Caitlin Copsey, 11

.......a zombie slowly dragging its feet along the pavement; this terrifying creature’s eyes were drooping. His mouth was wide open with blood trickling down the sides. Sam could tell that this filthy and hideous zombie was not coming to play!

Sam, who was now shaking and screaming, ran for his life. Moments later the petrified, young sixteen year old turned around and he saw a little girl and her mum dressed up as a witch and a cat they were seconds away from the zombie. The zombie touched the family. In an instant the girl and her mum became what their outfit was. “He is possessing people to go out and turn each other into real life monsters!” panted Sam. Sam was wearing a skeleton outfit so if he were to be touched he would become a skeleton! Would he be a skeleton forever? Can Sam defeat this army of creatures?

The zombie was close now as Sam hadn’t continued to run.

Because the zombie was slow Sam sped ahead. He turned around so many corners he had no idea where he was now even though he claims to know Leeds of the back of his hand! Sam was hiding behind. There was a loud groan from the dead creature that was so far away. The zombie had sent over some faster monsters to capture the innocent boy easier.

Witches were flying above trying to spot Sam. Also the master zombie had sent out some goblins. Suddenly Sam could see a small green hand grab the wall. A goblin peered beyond the side of the wall after that the goblins attempted to grab Sam!

“Oh no its 30 seconds until midnight (the end of Halloween)” said the disappearing goblin.” We’ll be back next year”

This was in 2013....

Happy Halloween!

Hannah Piotrowski, 11

...two red, bloodcurdling eyes, staring at him through the heavy mist. A gust of wind comes, tearing down the road, the street lights flicker off...darkness. All of a sudden Sam loses his sense, his body, frozen in

fear. The musty warm breath of the creature lay upon his terrified, trembling face. Without warning the animal like thing leaped into the air, higher and higher until Sam could hardly see it’s bony body. Then,

with all it’s force, the alien like being charged down from the sky- its great talons ready to strike out.

With Sam’s heart still racing, he pulled all his strength together, and charged away, desperate to escape the creature coming fast behind.

After a while Sam stopped, tired. Turning his head to make sure the animal had lost him, he saw the black shadow of a mysterious character. Then, out of the corner of his eye, Sam saw the dangerous creature. Red, gleaming eyes; an old, bony body, and deathly talons on the feet of the beast...the beast who is now charging across the street, ready to kill.

Sam once again takes off down the street.

He turns, the animal is still there, running faster than ever. Quickly, Sam takes a turning off the dark street.”Black Alley” reads the sign.

As Sam steps onto the cobbled street, darkness fills the air. Smoke burns from the chimneys, poisoning the air. “Aaarrrgghhh” Sam screams, falling to the floor. The animal is on him, scratching at his bones. All of a sudden the dark hooded figure appears, attacking the beast. With one touch, the animal’s body turns to ash. Swiftly, the hooded character faces Sam. He realised he had seen it before. “I can’t help you again. It’s up to you now,” the mysterious creature whispered sadly.”

Rowan Wynn, 12

… ...a child, young and wide eyed. His skin was soft, as were his clothes... and wet, dripping water onto

the pavement. He tilted his head. Sam’s mouth was dry; something was not right...SNAP! The boy’s

neck cracked like a stick. Sam bolted. He ran through the streets: deserted streets! There was no

one. A ghost town... or a ghost city. Sam could hear laughter from behind him but he didn’t turn around, instead he pressed on into the night, navigating the well-known streets to get back to his house. Things moved in the shadows. He saw liquid spilled by a shop door; he hoped it was water...

And there! His house: he was safe for now. Sam slammed the door, deep breaths escalating from his chest. The lights flickered. A face in the dark. A white hand dripping with thick, fresh blood. If he could just get to his room... Sam leaped up the stairs. “Here comes the lighter to light you to bed... “ Sam wrenched open the bedroom door. “Here comes the chopper to chop off your head...” Silence. Sam breathed out, turned around... and there was his sister. Her head swivelled, her mouth opened, her eyes were pools of white flecked with hellish red. “Goodbye,” whispered her childish voice. “Nighty night Sam...”

Holly Careford, 10, Baildon

… Sam holds his breath, stops and turns to find a hand tapping him on his wrinkly shoulder suddenly he turned around and shrieks “ahhh!!!”

He runs home but the pumpkins came alive and they all surrounded him so he couldn’t move. He felt terrified and spooked out. So he decided to punch one of the pumpkins he started running but the red-eyed pumpkins started to charge after him.

Then he turned the corner and there was his old decrepit house so he opened the door and slammed it behind him so the pumpkins could not get him. He was safe for a little while but suddenly he hears a tumble the red-eyed pumpkins where in his house. They had broken his very expensive glass door, he didn’t think too much about the broken door he was to busy thinking about trying to stay alive.

So he ran into the kitchen and he opened his cutlery draw and got a knife then he started to chop them up. They were gone forever, he had no more worries, he was safe for the rest of Halloween, even the next Halloween he was still safe.

Ellie King, 10

… Sam stopped and turned to find... Darkness. The eerie darkness engulfed Sam like the world being wrapped in an ink-black coat. Sam strained his eyes to see past the increasing darkness. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a dense, spine breaking coat whip past. Sam got a wave of ice-cold air in his pale face, almost causing him to fall over. Suddenly a skeleton hand shot out from the darkness and then everything happened so rapidly Sam could hardly remember what had actually happened. Tall and thin, bold and strong, the man who stood in front of Sam looked ordinary, however as he glared into the strangers grey eyes, Sam wished he hadn’t, for he could feel the mans cold stare tearing up his soul. A sharp, shiny thing caught Sam’s attention. It was lit up by the street lights as the moons dark shapes were dancing around

it. As Sam looked closer he saw the slick, blue handle and the sharp, silver blade. “Dad?” Sam cried in a confused voice. The dagger belonged to his dad.

“I am not your dad, Sam.” said the mysterious figure. Sam stepped back, bewildered. The stranger took out the dagger and placed it in Sam’s hands. As he did so Sam wondered if it was a trick, but then he realized that it wasn’t. It was his dad in a suit, wasn’t it?

Molly Barnett

Sam took a turn for the worst . As he turned around his shadow escaped him. Dread strangled him like a python, constricting him. Fear got to know Sam , and Sam got to know fear. He could hear his heart beating; bubum , bubum , bubum. Every step was taken with anxiety and regret. A shadow was creeping up on him he didn’t know what to do. He turned and ran running he nearly tripped over his feet. He could hear whistle in his ears enchanting him. Sam was so scared . He could not feel his feet. Anger was becoming Sam’s best friend. Confusion ,distraction ,illusion, was a new thing to Sam so he had no idea how to get rid of it. What was he going to do?

He reached the end of the tunnel, still no light was to be seen. The shadow had finally approached him. A person who was fully recognisable. Zack! An old friend of his. Ghostly overlooks fooled him as a hypnotising eye glimpse went to him, while the sound of a crying dragon diverged between the two old friends. The friends shook hands and the road between right and wrong had been chosen, he had taken the

oppostite of right. An surge of temptation had come over him like a giant shadowing a It became almost impossible to escape from a situation so terifieng, so outrageous, so spooky he could not take it .he was loosing control. He called for his best friend; his buddy; the guy that had been with him his whole entire life entire life the one who was not afraid to carry the laod for him.”Zack can you hear me?”

There was no reply...

He was gone.

Tom Rennison

As the rain lashed violently against the hotel window, the night’s sky grew dark. Sam peered out across the bay watching the lightning flicker through the ominous, black clouds.

For a moment Sam was in a world of his own contemplating his next mission. Suddenly he heard a piercing scream from the room next door. Somewhere nearby he could hear footsteps thud. It was with trepidation, that he left the room to investigate...

In the corridor outside the lights flickered, then went out. Sam held his breath as the darkness engulfed him like a python constricting him; he noticed a shadow disappearing quickly into the open door across the hallway. As Sam moved to follow, his heart was in his mouth. Without hesitation, he crept slowly and entered the room.

Silence surrounded him - a deafening silence. Out of nowhere, the shadow threw itself at Matt. His head hit the bare concrete and he felt a chill in the air. Laying face down the darkness was like a world covered in black ink. The mysterious shadow was pinning him to the floor.

In a flash the glint of a pen knife shone before Sam’s eyes. The shadow moved it slowly down his back. With utmost precision, Sam felt the knife scraping on his back harder and harder. The pain was the worst

he had ever experienced. Matt tried to scream but nothing came out.

Eventually his back was dripping with blood like red wine trailing down a bottle. All of a sudden the shadow was gone, leaving a bloody knife lying on the old, encrusted floor. Standing slowly, Matt hobbled back

out of the door into the safety of his own room. There, as he looked in the mirror, the words ‘LEAVE ALONE’ were engraved on his back…

Luz Reed.

Sam stopped, and turned round to find.... nothing. The monster he was sure was lurking behind him had vanished. A sense of disquiet settled over Sam, and he looked around warily. It was dark. He couldn’t see anything. Impossibly, incredibly, the dead street lamps blazed into life. Wreaths of his icy breath

evaporated under the lustre of the light. As suddenly as they turned on, the lamps flickered off. Darkness consumed the bulbs. Night regained control. Sam ran down the road to the place he thought was home; instead he ran willingly to his doom.

The dirt was sodden, but still hard. Sam’s hesitant footsteps echoed unnervingly loudly throughout the moist night air. They permeated the soul, filling anybody who heard the sound with fear and worry. But nobody was awake; nobody was even alive. Sam was the only one there to hear his footsteps. The moon was high in the night, but not giving any light. Darkness invaded the space, coating walls, and trees, and even people with blackness. It was dark, it was silent: it was the perfect night for a murder. But Sam just squinted at his surroundings, no idea of the evil that was to come...

Where his house should have been, there was an empty space. Where ugly high-rise flats should have been, there were just fields as far as the horizon. As he strained his eyes, he could make out two holes, so black and deep they were visible at night. They advanced slowly, and he realized they were not holes, but eyes. Fear rooted him to the spot. If he had run, if he had courage, if he had thought, he would not be here today, tonight. Instead, he stayed still. They hadn’t noticed him. They turned away. Slowly, he started walking. Then he broke into a run.

George Ellis, nine

...a green blood spilling Zombie. It had a scar across its right cheek and blood coming out of its left ear and it was wearing a torn blood stained straw hat along with blood stained clothing.

He turns and stares at Sam he pounces towards him, but Sam jerks back so the Zombie misses him and falls over. Undetermined and growling with anger the Zombie rose to his feet and started to make his way towards Sam who had by this time turned to run and find a hiding place. Sam runs into the nearest building which is an abandoned, dark disused railway station and finds a place to blend in, Sam pushes on the door of what was the ticket office, it opens and he goes inside. Following soon after, the Zombie enters the old train station looking for Sam hoping he could be his next victim, the Zombie who is by now hungry and ready for his next meal looks all around the station for Sam, suddenly the Zombie sees his shadow in

the moon light through the broken window and heads towards him. Sam runs for his life heading out of the other side of the office but the Zombie is close behind him. Sam then enters the old waiting room in the station which is damp, cold and dark he is breathing heavily with fear, the Zombie senses his whereabouts, there is no escape for Sam. Noises of old steam trains can be heard going through the station but all that can be seen is ghost like images on the old disintegrating tracks.

The Zombie reaches out and tries to grab him is it the end for Sam,? all goes quiet....... The next day a gruesome discovery is made by a group of children playing in the abandoned railway station but what has happened to Sam? nobody knows......

BBC handout photo of a car that was being driven by Top Gear presenters Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan in Monaco, as they have escaped without injury after it burst into flames during filming.

Top Gear presenters escape dramatic car fire in Monte Carlo